3 Ideas for What to do With an Old Breast Pump

3 Ideas for what to do with an old breast pump

So the time has come to ditch the good old breast pump, huh? Maybe your nursing days are over or maybe you are just breaking up with a disappointing pump. Either way, you need a plan. How do you get rid of this thing?

In my time nursing, I have sent several pumps to pasture. All for different reasons but I’ve been there.  Google and I got through it together so let me return the favor and walk you through this process.

You have options, thank goodness. You don’t have to store that thing until it becomes an antique.

So, here are three ideas for what to do with an old breast pump to get it out of your hair.

Ideas for What to Do with an Old Breast Pump

3 Ideas for What to do With an Old Breast Pump

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1. Re-sell

laptop-820274_960_720This might seem like an obvious option but I have a disclaimer here. You can only resell closed system pumps and without the attachments.

A closed system pump is designed with a barrier to keep milk from entering the pump motor.

Click here to read about open vs closed system pumps.

An open system pump is not sanitary for multiple users. They are designed to be used by only one user for the lifetime of the pump. Have a Medela Pump in Style pump?

Reselling is a no, no. It is an open system pump.

So if you have a closed system pump, then you are good to resell!

Go on sites like eBay or Craigs List. Search for pumps and see what others are selling the same pump for. Create an ad and get to it! Easy peasy!

There are a lot of closed system pumps on the market today, so yours just might be one. Here is a quick list (no, this is not all of them):

  1. Ameda Elite
  2. Ameda Purely Yours
  3. Ameda Finesse
  4. Playtex Embrace
  5. Bailey Medical Nurture III
  6. Evenflo Comfort Select Dual
  7. First Years Natural Comfort Double
  8. Lansinoh Double Electric
  9. Avent ISIS iQ Duo
  10. Avent ISIS iQ Uno and Uno Complete
  11. First Years Natural Comfort Single
  12. Hygeia EnDeare
  13. Hygeia EnJoye-LBI
  14. Hygeia EnJoye-EXT
  15. Hygeia EnJoye-EPS
  16. Medela Freestyle
  17. Medela Sonata
  18. Medela Swing
  19. Motif Duo
  20. Spectra S1
  21. Spectra S2
  22. Spectra 9

Spectra S2

I highly recommend reselling your pump if you can. They cost a lot of money and while you won’t recoup the full amount, you will get something!

2. Donate

What-to-do-With-an-Old-Breast-PumpAnother great option is to donate your breast pump. Again, this would need to be a closed system or hospital grade pump

Shelters or support groups might be a good place to start.

Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time finding someone to take it, though. Not many people are educated on a closed system vs open system pump and may have a blanket policy not to accept breast pumps period due to the potential health risks. 

The red tape in trying to find a place to donate may be why fewer moms do it. I love the idea of donating and think it is a great option. With so many moms in need, what an amazing gift! 

I hope more organizations update their policies on breast pumps and we see more moms donating.

3. Recycle

What-to-do-With-an-Old-Breast-PumpIf all else fails, you can recycle your pump. 

I would start by contacting the pump company. Hygeia, Medela, Avent, etc all have recycling options. You can send them your pump (has to be their brand pump) and they will recycle it for you. 

If you can’t go through the pump company, then call your city recycling center and see if they will take it. Some might.

You can also contact a local electronic recycling site. You shouldn’t have a problem with them taking it. There are times when I see advertisements for electronics recycling at various locations where I live.

So check the web to see when your city might have an event as you may be able to take advantage. 

All the plastic parts like the flanges, bottles, valves, etc can be recycled in your home recycling bin. 

What You Should NOT Do

You should NOT just throw your breast pump in the trash.

Not only is it bad for the environment but electronics should never be tossed out like that.

Your last resort should be to give it to a place equipped to handle electronics. Our landfills are full of enough junk, so being responsible and following disposal procedures is best!

Are You Done Pumping or Just Breaking Up with Your Pump?

I think we would all agree that holding onto your breast pump is useless. Once you have moved past the days of pumping, there is no need for it to collect dust in a closet somewhere.

The main goal is to keep these things out of landfills. A breast pump should never need to be thrown in the trash. Yes, it takes some extra effort to hand it off but in the long run, you can feel better about the fact you took the time to care for the environment.

If your pumping days are over, let me congratulate you on finishing your journey and join you in celebrating the boobie-freedom you are now experiencing! 

If you are just breaking up with a lousy pump, here are some tips below for choosing a new pump! Let me save you from future mistakes! Keep fighting the good fight! Your boobs will be your again one day… They may look different but they will be yours. I promise.

Tips for Choosing a New Breast Pump

There can be a 1,000 different reasons that you may need a new pump.

  1. Current pump died on you
  2. Your situation changed – stay at home mom to working mom, now a traveling mom, became a stay at home mom, etc etc 
  3. Current Pump isn’t yielding enough milk/cheap pump
  4. Suffering low milk supply
  5. Pump not comfortable/painful pumping experience
  6. Upgrading to new/better pump

I personally have experienced several of the above situations and in each case finding the right pump was life changing! 

Tip #1: Assess Your Situation

Before jumping into buying a new pump, you need to step back and assess your situation and the where, when, how often, etc as it relates to pumping.

There are plenty of pumps that are amazing and great for certain situations but I would never recommend those same pumps to a mom with low milk supply or who needed to pump exclusively. 

This article can help walk you through how to make that assessment- Click HERE.

Tip #2 Check with Insurance

If you have not already, checking to see if you qualify for a free or low-cost breast pump through your insurance is a great way to get a pump!

There are companies that you can use where you just submit your insurance info to them online and they handle it all for you from there including shipping your pump to you!

I highly recommend Aeroflow Breastpumps. I have used their service personally and wrote an entire review on them! It takes seconds to fill out their online form and they will have your pump to you in no time!

They also have an amazing staff who are well trained on the ins and outs of each pump and can help you select a pump that will fit your needs.

I tried working directly with my insurance company after I had my daughter and it was confusing and frustrating…

Click here to read more about Aeroflow Breastpumps and see where to fill out the form to start the insurance process!

Tip #3: Most Expensive Pump Doesn’t Always Mean Better…

I am sure you have caught onto this but buying the most expensive pump on the market isn’t always guaranteeing you the best.

Again, the features of the pump and what you will be using it for are way more important!

As a good example, the Spectra brand has kept their pumps fairly affordable. You can compare them to any number of lower rated pumps and will find Spectra is far superior in performance and pump strength, however, they can cost significantly less.

So do your research BEFORE purchasing a new pump.

You can read all my Full Reviews of major brand Breast Pumps, HERE!

Tip #4: Watch for the Best Deals!

If you don’t qualify for a pump through insurance or the pump they offer is not what you need, then you will likely be looking to buy one on your own.

I can tell you that while it can be hard to find, there are good deals out there!

One of the best places to buy a pump, in my opinion, is Amazon. Not only do they offer low, competitive prices year around, but you can often couple those low prices with deals they offer.

How to Save Money on a Breast Pump from Amazon:

  1. Baby Registry: If you are upgrading to a new pump in preparation for a new baby, starting a Baby Registry with Amazon will save you on a new breast pump! Amazon offers a 15% completion coupon for it’s Prime Members (10% if you aren’t Prime) so if the pump you want is a Prime Item, then it likely will qualify for an additional 15% off! Click here to read more about Amazon Baby Registries!
  2. Special Offers: Amazon will run special offers from time to time. I have seen them offer big money off of purchases for signing up for the Amazon Visa card (recently was $70+ OFF a pump I was looking to buy!). These deals come and go, but certainly worth checking out!
  3. Special Sales: Just like most retailers, Amazon does run big sales. Their biggest being Prime Day. It’s once a year but you can get some amazing deals on pumps and accessories. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two other big sales, of course, but Amazon is still your best bet for year-around savings!

Click HERE to See All Breast Pumps on Amazon

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