Pumping Issues


Pumping Issues

Here you will find information about common issues while pumping and breastfeeding and what you can do to over come them! Choose an article below. Happy Pumping!

Clogged Ducts & Mastitis & Pumping, oh my!

Mastitis-painFind out what you can do to clear clogged Milk Ducts and deal with Mastitis while pumping!





How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding


Learn how to safely lose weight while breastfeeding without affecting your milk supply!





Not Pumping Enough Breast Milk

Review-of-Lactation-Tea-to-Increase-Milk-Supply-by-Republic-of-TeaDeal with low milk supply? Find out how you can increase your milk supply while pumping.





20 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Get 20 ways to increase your breast milk supply!





Should I supplement with Formula?


Find out the reasons why you may need to supplement and how to do it correctly.





Why does My Breast Milk Smell Sour? Dealing with High Lipase

high-lipaseIf your breast milk smells sour or soapy after thawing it, you might be dealing with high lipase issue. Find out what that means and how to fix it!





Why Your Baby is Cluster Feeding – Breastfeeding a Fussy Baby

why-your-baby-is- cluster-feeding

You may have noticed that your baby goes through periods where all they want to do is breastfeed… and cry. Why do they do this and what can you do about it?




Thrush While Pumping – What is it & How to Get Rid of it

thrushDealing with Thrush can be stressful and impossible to manage. So how do you successfully pump and get rid of thrush? Find out with these tips!




Need Professional Help? Find a Lactation Consultant HERE!


Get resources for breastfeeding support and where you can go to find a certified Lactation Consultant today!




6 Reasons Your Breast Pump is Losing Suction


Find out why your breast pump is losing suction and what to do about it!





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Reverse Cycling – Find out why your baby is eating all night!


Low Milk Supply? Eat a cookie!


Need to pump more milk? Find out why a hospital grade pump is the way to go!







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  1. Connie Ader says:

    I need to order a smaller flange. I am using the size that came with the machine and it is way too large.
    This is causing me to be sore after pumping. Need to order a smaller size.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Connie,
      What pump are you using? It is possible that you can get a smaller size. Most pumps come with a medium. Bigger brands, like Medela, have more sizes that you can purchase. There are also third-party sellers that make parts to fit various brands and they offer a lot of sizes as well. MayMom is the most well known. They sell on Amazon. Let me know what pump you are using and I will see if I can find you one!

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