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breastfeeding-and-pumpingIf you are looking for information regarding breastfeeding and pumping, then you have come to the right place! You have made the amazing choice to give your baby the gift of Liquid Gold (breast milk).

Why is it called Liquid Gold, you ask? Because it takes hard work and dedication to pump this very valuable substance.

If you have ever finished pumping only to spill that precious milk, then you know exactly what “Liquid Gold” means! The term “don’t cry over spilled milk” wasn’t intended to be applied to breast milk!

Breastfeeding and pumping takes dedication but it doesn’t have to be as hard or foreign as some make it out to be. This site is dedicated to any Mom who pumps or breastfeeds in some form or another.

So whether you are a working mom who pumps most or part of the day, a Mom who for one reason or another needs to exclusively pump, or a Mom who pumps occasionally, this site is for you!

breastfeeding-and-pumpingYou will find a wide range of topics and support here all related to pumping and breastfeeding and being a mommy. From pumping basics for those new to pumping, pumping schedules for working moms, pumping and breastfeeding accessory and baby gear recommendations, advice on pumping and supply issues, all the way to how to wean from the pump! We have it all!

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