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Here you will find all the things you need (and some you didn’t know you need) for your pumping and breastfeeding journey!

I pride myself on providing the best, detailed, and most honest reviews on all products featured on The Pumping Mommy. I will never recommend a product that I do not believe in!

If you ever have questions or comments or want a review done on a certain product, feel free to shoot them over to me here as I would love to hear from you!

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Baby Gear


Here you will find reviews on some of the latest baby gear including Strollers, Car Seats, Baby Carriers & Wraps, Co-Sleepers, and more!




Breastfeeding Products


Get reviews on breastfeeding products like Nursing Pillows, Nursing Covers, Nipple Creams, Slings, and more!




Breast Pump Reviews


Looking for honest, detailed reviews of the latest breast pumps on the market? Look no further! I am committed to helping you find the best pump to fit your lifestyle!




Lactation Supplements, Cookies, and Teas


Need a boost in your milk supply? Lactation supplements are a great way to get those extra ounces flowing. Here you will find reviews on the latest lactation supplements, lactation cookies, and lactation teas!



Nursing Bra and Pumping Bra


Finding the right nursing and pumping bra can be a challenge. With so many on the market, how do you choose what is right for you and your body? Find out how to choose a bra and what works best!



Pump Parts & Pump Accessories


Looking for Pump Parts? Want an all-in-one pumping/feeding system that allows you to pump, store, and feed from the same bag? Need a Pump Bag? This is the page for you! You will find pump compatible parts and many pumping accessories to help make your pumping days easier!



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Pumping Tips and Info



Learn the basics of pumping, how to store breast milk, what it means to exclusively pump, and more!



Working and Pumping

Tips, info, and more about how to making working and pumping a part of your daily routine!





Pumping Issues


Low milk supply, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, sour smelling milk…? Issues when pumping can be frustrating. Here you will find information and tips on how to overcome some common issues.


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