Maintaining Milk Supply While Working


Several months ago I was approached by Rina over at Living With Low Milk Supply about doing an interview with her about working and pumping. I was thrilled since for some strange reason I love talking about pumping (hence this blog).

Working and pumping was basically my life for quite some time and the main reason I started this blog. There is so little information out there on how to successfully pump at work. And I am not talking about the basic info like, “the more often you pump, the more milk you will make.” Sorry, but duh. 

What I was searching for was real tips from real moms. That was hard to come by… 

Rina asks me a lot of great questions about my day to day life as a working, pumping mom. What worked for me may not work for everyone since this journey is so individualistic but it is a good place to start if you are looking for some working and pumping tips!

Head over to Living With Low Milk Supply and read my full interview by clicking here!

Huge thank you to Rina at Living With Low Milk Supply for asking me to be a part of her series! I love sharing my story and experience with others moms and I was honored she thought of me.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought of the interview! 

Happy Pumping!

~Heather Grace

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