Working & Pumping

Here you will find tips and info to make Working and Breastfeeding (and Pumping!) easier!

working-and-breastfeedingWhether you are returning to work after your maternity leave when your baby is 6 weeks or 12 months, it can be a hard transition.

Many women struggle with keeping up with their baby’s demand for breast milk after returning to work. Being a working mom and breastfeeding can be physically and emotionally draining.

It takes a lot of dedication to work and pump. Often times women chose to wean before returning but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have it all – a great career and achieve your goal of breastfeeding your baby. Many women are successful and you can be too.

returning-to-work-after-maternity-leaveIn this section, you will find helpful tips and tools to use to make the transition easier. Including:

  1. Tips for speaking with your employer about a breastfeeding workplace accommodation
  2. Your rights as a breastfeeding employee and breastfeeding laws
  3. Introducing the bottle to a breastfed baby
  4. What to expect on your first day after returning from maternity leave
  5. A sample breast pumping schedule, and so much more!

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As more and more women are entering the workforce now than at any time in history, it is critical to remember that many of those women are mothers too. Information is powerful. Equip yourself with the knowledge to be successful and find your inner Supermom!

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