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breastfeeding-issuesLet’s be frank, breastfeeding isn’t always as “natural” as it is made out to be. For some, yes, it comes easy. For others, their entire experience is plagued with issues. Or perhaps you are somewhere in the middle with minimal issues but issues just the same.

Breastfeeding problems are more common than you would think.

So no matter where you fall in the “issues” spectrum, this page is dedicated to tackling the most common problems that face breast pumping mothers. It is important not to feel discouraged.

Yes, breastfeeding should be a natural process and yes, most issues can be overcome but that doesn’t mean the journey is always easy. Sometimes it takes work.

I hope you find support here but also help in knowing that it is okay to reach out for professional help. Some cases do require that.

Common Pumping Issues – 


Clogged Ducts & Mastitis & Pumping, oh my!


Not Pumping Enough Breast Milk


Why does My Breast Milk Smell Sour?








Thrush While Pumping – What is it & How to Get Rid of it








Need Professional help?

Some great resources to find breastfeeding support are:

  1. breastfeeding-supportLa Leche League – They have peer counseling over the phone as well as support groups in most areas.
  2. Your Hospital – Typically while you are in the hospital after giving birth, a Lactation Consultant will visit you or at the very least will be available if you request one. We highly recommend that you do try to see one before you leave the hospital. They typically will give you information to take home on how to contact them once you are home should you have any questions or issues. Keep this information and use it! If you lost it or never received it, simply call your hospital and ask if they have a Lactation Consultant that you can speak with.
  3. ILCA- International Lactation Consultant Association – The ILCA site has a search feature to help you find private and hospital based LC’s in your area.
  4. Breastfeeding Support Groups – A great way to get support is to join a breastfeeding peer support group in your area. Check with your cities website or other activity sites for local listings.

Never let a problem continue to grow because you are afraid to ask. Remember, you are NOT alone!

Struggling with breastfeeding? Share your thoughts and stories here by leaving us a comment!

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