Spectra Breast Pump Parts

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If you have a Spectra breast pump, you might be on the hunt for some replacement parts or accessories. 

You will not find Spectra parts being sold in stores in the US. Hopefully one day that will happen but for now, the internet is your best friend.

One nice thing about the Spectra parts is that they are pretty much all the same for the S1, S2, Spectra 9, Dew 350 and the M1. The Dew 350 has a few parts that differ but those are noted.

Here is a quick rundown of the common Spectra pump parts:spectra-breast-pump-parts

  • Tubing – This is simply a clear plastic tube that connects the pump motor to the flanges
  • Flanges – Also called breast shields, are the plastic, cone-shaped horns that fit over your breast
  • Valves – small plastic pieces that fit at the bottom of the flange that is fitted with a membrane to let the pumped milk fall into the collection bottle.
  • Backflow Protector – This keeps the milk from having any contact with the tubing and pump motor. This is the key piece in making the Spectra pump a closed system pump.



Spectra Breast Shields / Flanges

Spectra offers 3 different breast shield sizes. The 24MM is the smallest size. If you need a smaller size than that, I suggest you pick up a massager insert as that will decrease the flange size. 

Some third-party vendors like MayMom do sell other sizes that fit the Spectra Pumps if the three standard sizes do not sit. 

You should not ever have to replace the flanges unless they get damaged somehow but it is smart (and convenient) to have an extra set or two on hand. Especially if you pump a lot.

I had 4 sets when I pumped full time at work.

How to find the right fitting breast shield is something moms ask about a lot. It has nothing to do with the size of your breast but rather your nipples.

If a flange does not fit correctly, it can cause discomfort or decreased milk volume.

When pumping, your nipple should not rub or feel squished at all in the flange. All of your nipple should fit inside without restriction. If you feel any discomfort or pain, you may need a bigger size. 

The best way to determine your size if you need help is to see a Lactation Consultant. They can properly fit you.


24MM Flange


28MM Flange


32MM Flange







Spectra Silicone Massager Insert 

This insert is made to be placed in the Spectra Breast Shield or Flange to help cushion. 

If you are sensitive and need extra comfort, then give the massager insert a try! 

Made for Spectra Breast Pumps S1, S2, M1, S9. Keep in mind that using the massage insert will decrease the flange size, so make sure you get the right fitting flange.


Spectra Silicone Massager Insert – One Size


Spectra Massage Insert for Spectra Dew 350 and Spectra 9








The valve connects to the flange and allows the milk to flow into the collection bottle.

Because this piece is used and abused, it gets replaced more often than any other part. You can expect to replace the valves every 3 months or so.

If you exclusively pump or pump multiple times a day, then you might need to replace them every 2 months. This would be the first part I would replace if you notice a decrease in output when pumping. It is often the culprit. 


Replacement Valves – S1, S2, M1, S9, Dew 350







Backflow Protector

The backflow protector is essentially the piece that makes the Spectra pump a closed system pump.

It prevents pumped milk from entering the tubing and pump motor. The membrane of the backflow protector can become stretched out and will need replacing every so often.

You can expect it to last roughly 4 months. Maybe less if you pump often. 


Backflow Protector – S1, S2, M1, S9


Silicone Membrane for Backflow Protector




Because the Spectra Pumps are closed system, milk does not enter the tubing.

You should not have to replace the tubing but moms often like to have an extra set on hand. I have forgotten my tubing at home before and was unable to pump. It is a nice idea to have a backup set. 


Tubing- Spectra S1, S2, M1, S9


Spectra Dew Tubing







Replacement Part Bundles

Buying bundles is a good idea if you want to have multiple sets on hand. It can save you some money. This is especially helpful if you work and pump.


Set includes: 1 each- Flange, Backflow Protector, Valve, tubing


Set Includes: 2 Valves and Tubes


Set includes: 1 each- Bottle, Flange, Valve, Backflow Protector, Tube








Bottles and Nipples

If you work full-time, then having bottles on hand for at least two days is extremely helpful.

I sent 5 bottles each day to daycare with my baby (1 was an extra bottle for the “just in case” scenario).

I can’t tell you how many times I came home and just didn’t feel like washing 5 bottles to prepare them for the next day. Having two days worth helped a lot!


Includes: 2 -5oz Bottles


2 Spectra Replacement Nipples


Set Includes: 2 Bottles, Spectra Cooler, Ice Pack









4-Spectra Replacement Nipples







Spectra Pumps and Accessory Sets

Spectra sells the S1, S2, S9, M1, and Dew 350 in blue or pink. All are great pumps and you can select different accessory sets.


Spectra S2 Pump


Spectra S1 Pump


Spectra S2 with Pump Tote and Cooler Bundle










Spectra Dew 350 Pump, Pink


Spectra Dew 350 Pump, Blue


Spectra 9+ Pump








Spectra M1 Pump


Spectra Manual Breast Pump with Massager Insert







Additional Accessories and Useful Stuff

Have Medela Pump Accessories and want to use them with the Spectra pumps?

Want to use a feeding system that allows you to pump directly into a storage bag?

Want to make your Spectra S2 a portable pump? You can find all that and more below!


Spectra Milk Storage Bags – 30pcs


Spectra Flange adapter to use Medela Pump Parts


Bottle adapters to use Medela collections bottles









Car Lighter Adapter for Spectra S1 and S2 (For Pump Models after Feb 2015)


Breast Pump Power Bank Kit- For Spectra S1 and S2


Kiinde Twist Feeding System- Compatible with Spectra Pumps!








As always, if you have any questions just leave them below and I will do my best to help you out! 

Happy Pumping!

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