Best Way to Sleep While Pregnant: Try This Tip!

Best-Way-to -Sleep-While-Pregnant

Guest Post by Renee Downes

At the end of your pregnancy, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible bundle of joy that will be sure to keep you up at night.

But did you know that during your pregnancy, your changing body will probably make you lie awake in bed?

Almost 80% of pregnant mothers report that their pregnancy negatively impacts the quality of their sleep. This is a big deal.

Sleep is fairly important normally, but when you’re carrying a child, your sleep habits impact your baby as well. Proper rest increases the chances that your birth will happen quickly and smoothly.

Best Way Sleep While Pregnant

So how do you sleep while you’re pregnant?

First, it’s important to understand exactly how your body will keep you up at night.

As your fetus grows, your body changes in order to nurture and support your baby. This means that you’ll have different symptoms during each stage of your pregnancy.

First Trimester

During your first trimester, you can expect to be plagued by frequent urination, body soreness, and sudden bouts of strong emotions.

These issues are pretty annoying, but they’re not impossible to combat.

Have your partner give you a message and practice a fun activity in order to reduce your stress levels and give your hormone swings less ammunition.

Drink lots of fluids during the morning and afternoon so that you’re less thirsty at night and less inclined to get up and pee.

Finally, make sure that you’ve got a nice, cozy sleeping environment that keeps all of your tender parts comfortable.

Second Trimester

During your second trimester, you’ll probably experience especially vivid dreams.

You might also experience heartburn, even if you don’t normally suffer from it. A less acidic diet can help negate heartburn, while your cozy sleeping environment and supportive partner will get you through the dreams.

They’ll still be scary while you’re asleep, but as soon as you open your eyes, you’ll feel secure and comfortable. This will help you fall back to sleep.

Third Trimester

Finally, during your third trimester, you’ll probably have some pretty serious difficulties sleeping due to your baby.

You’ll have a hefty child growing in your womb.

This makes it hard to sleep on your back (because he or she will be pretty heavy) and even harder to sleep on your front (it’s like sleeping with a bowling ball under your stomach).

You’ll want to sleep on your side and set up plenty of support for your womb.

The easiest way to do this (and to create a cozy environment early in your pregnancy) is to pick up a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy pillows are available in many shapes and sizes, so they can fit your bed and budget.

They’ll help cradle your belly and support the best sleeping position for you and your unborn child.  

The best pregnancy pillows help you sleep soundly and comfortably through all of the challenges of your pregnancy.

By understanding the different ways that pregnancy will interfere with your sleep, you’ll be able to work on solutions that will help you doze off at the appropriate time each night.

This will help keep you awake and alert throughout your pregnancy. This way, you’ll stay happy and healthy for when your child is born.

Save this infographic for more tips and information on sleeping while pregnant!

Best-Way-to -Sleep-While-Pregnant

 About the Author

Renee Downes is a mother of 2 and passionate about beauty, cooking, and pregnancy pillows! She started her blog during her first pregnancy after having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep. Once she discovered a pregnancy pillow she found inspiration to help other pregnant women find comfort during the night and get the rest they so deserve! You can read more from Renee and about pregnancy pillows over on her blog,

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