Amazon Prime Day Date This Year? Don’t Miss It!

Amazon Prime Day Date This Year 2018

Amazon Prime Day, also known as the day that rivals Black Friday and any other sale throughout the year, really, is almost here!

The big question that is always asked is when will we know the Amazon Prime Day Date for this year??

Amazon likes to keep this date pretty quiet and historically has released the date just before the event itself in the week leading up.

So it keeps us all on our toes guessing when this epic event from the online giant will take place!

Heres what we know about the Amazon Prime Day  Date for 2018.

What is the Amazon Prime Day Date For This Year?

Amazon has announced this year’s date!

Amazon Prime Day Date 2018 – What We Know

So when will Prime Day 2018 be held?

 July 16th and 17th!

Amazon is giving us the longest Prime Day thus far. Deals will start rolling in at 3pm EST on July 16th and go until midnight on July 17th!

There are also bound to be a ton of amazing sales this year given last year was so successful for Amazon!

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest sale of the year over at Amazon. 

The sale prices rival and are often even better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

You will find deals on items across every category on Amazon!

How to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2018

Make sure you are ready for Amazon Prime day!

Not everyone can take part in Amazon Prime Day. You have to be a Prime Member to participate. 

The good news is that you can sign up at any time and Amazon gives you a free 30-day trial. You can learn more and sign up, here.

It is definitely worth being a member year around!

There are a ton of perks that come with a Prime membership, including:

  • FREE 2-Day Shipping on Prime Items year around 
  • Access to Prime Video
  • FREE Books and Magazines to Download
  • Prime Music
  • and more!

There is also access to things like Prime Family where you can save big on diapers, home goods, and other household products.

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See you all soon for a fast-paced and amazing Amazon Prime Day 2018!

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