Affordable Nursing Bras – Review of Hofish Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra 3-Pack


If you have spent any amount of time searching Amazon (or any online retailer for that matter) you will find a long list of affordable nursing bras. This seems great on the surface but does the old saying, “you get what you pay for” really apply?

I am very picky about my bras. Being larger chested (especially when breastfeeding) I need more support without breaking my back, shoulders, and neck. So when I came across HoFish women’s nursing bra 3-pack on Amazon being sold for an extremely low price, I was skeptical at best.


3-Pack Hofish Nursing Bra – Multicolor pack

Is this bra pack affordable? Heck, yes. You can get three nursing bras in this pack for less than the price of one bra from most brands. So I ordered my 3-pack to give them a try…

Features of the Hofish Women’s Nursing Bra 3-Pack

Here are the features of this seamless bra as described by Hofish:

  • Affordable-Nursing-Bras

    Extra Bra Extenders

    Material: 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex

  • Comes with 3 free bra extenders
  • One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Hook and Eye Closure
  • Easy drop cups for convenient feeding
  • Seamless
  • Side Widening, Super, and Supportive
  • Easy to Size
  • Removable Molded Foam Cups
  • 100% Breathable
  • Buttery-soft Fabric
  • Comfortably Fits Changing Shape
  • Full coverage for additional support

The Hofish bras are easy to size in that they run Small to X-Large. The sizing chart looks like this:

Small: Fit 32B-32DD,34B-34C
Medium: Fit 34D-34DD,36B-36D,38B-38C
Large: Fit 38D-38DD,40B-40D
X-Large: Fit 42B,42C,42D,42DD

So there is not too much confusion unless you are on the cusp of a size and aren’t sure which to go with… Fairly straight forward, though. 

You do get free extenders (one for each of the 3 bras) and you can purchase more if needed. This would benefit someone who has a smaller cup size but needs the added length. A nice add. 

What I Liked

Affordable-Nursing-BrasSo I am going to save you the suspense and come out and say that this was not my favorite nursing bra… I will get to why in a second but let me first tell you a few things I did like:

  • The Fact it is Seamless. I love seamless bras, especially for those first few weeks and for at night.
  • The Free Extenders. I did not use the extenders but I like that they include free ones. Makes the hassle of sizing without trying them on a little easier.
  • The Color Options. I love that you could get all one color or one of each in the pack. I got the pack that came with one of each as I like to switch it up.
  • Easy to remove cups. I am not always a fan of cup inserts on bras like this so was glad to see they were easy to remove.

What I Disliked

So as I stated above, these were not my favorite. Despite some features that I did like, there is a lot that I did NOT like.

No Support

Let’s start with the biggest issue for me – no support. Seamless bras aren’t the most supportive bras to begin with so I don’t expect to go run a marathon in a bra like this but what I do expect is for the bra to stay put. I found that I would tighten the bra straps to get the correct support and a short time later, the straps would loosen again.

So any support you hoped to gain by tightening the straps goes right out the window. Oddly (or not), other users complained of this same issue in their reviews of this bra on Amazon.  This to me was a big no, no and was super annoying.

Fabric is Cheap

This was not a huge surprise to me given the price for these bras but it is worth mentioning. The ‘buttery-soft fabric” that the company states their bras are made of is actually not true. The material is very rough and I found it to be quite scratchy. This would be horrendous on sore nipples.

I do think this is a big issue all around with this bra given the straps fall down and the feel. You don’t get far with cheap material.

Stretchy but in the Wrong Places


Example of the stretch in the bra as seen on Amazon

The bra is part spandex so you would expect a certain amount of stretch to it and it does have that. However, it is stretchy in the wrong places. The band stretches but the cups do not. So instead of the bra stretching to accommodate how full my breasts were, I just spilled out the sides and the top of the bra… But I guess if ate too many donuts and became rounder in the waist, that stretch would come in handy…

Removable Cups are Hard and Lumpy

Okay, I thought about uploading a picture of this but there are some things that cannot be unseen… So for your protection, I opted not to ruin your eyesight. The removable cups are quite hard and don’t lay very flat. So this resulted in quite a sight. Picture 80’s Madonna with the cone boobs… but lumpier…

Taking the cups out helped with this a lot. But the fabric is very thin so you definitely need to wear nursing pads or else your nipples are visible through just about any shirt you wear. Yeah, not a win here.

Anything Else, Geez

Okay, okay, I know I tore this bra apart but is it possible that this bra could work for someone? My answer: yes!

Look, my main issue with this bra (and cheap bras like it) is that it offers little to no support. When you have large breasts that just won’t work. Ever.

If you are smaller chested and are okay with the cheaper fabric (that isn’t always a deal-breaker for people), this is a great and very affordable option. If you really don’t need extra support, then you may not run into many of the same issues I had. I can see where some moms would be pleased with this purchase.

For my moms who do need that extra support, don’t waste your money. Get a quality bra that will give you the support you need and will fit you like a glove. You may or may not know this, but a proper fitting bra with good support can actually make you look 20 lbs lighter! It makes a huge difference.


Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Nursing Bra

If you want a better quality bra but still prefer the seamless style, go for the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy or the Bravado Seamless. Pricier, yes, but the quality and support are there. You can’t go wrong with either. You will be one thousand percent more comfortable! I literally wanted to rip the cheap thing off and run (not walk) to my Cake Lingerie bra…

In the end, I could not wear this bra. Maybe at night would be best but the fabric was so scratchy and I didn’t love it for that either.

So there you have it. In short, this bra is bad for big boobs and maybe borderline okay for small… 

Click here to read more about the Hofish Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra!

Have you tried the Hofish Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra? What were your thoughts? Leave me a comment with any questions or whatever is on your mind! I would love to hear from you as always.

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