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One of my favorite things to bring you, my faithful readers, is news of any sales or deals out on the web… One item I get a lot of moms asking about is good (and comfortable) nursing pajamas.


Majamas Margo Nursing PJ Set in Maplewood

Let’s face it, you’re a mom now, PJs are a way of life!! Well, that and yoga pants… I found getting some good comfy PJ sets was heavenly for the hospital after delivery and for those first few weeks (and beyond but I lived in PJs while recovering from giving birth).

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Figure 8 Maternity is having a 15% off sale on all their Majamas line this week! Head over and check it out!

They also have a deal where you get $20 off of every $100 you spend so if you need nursing bras, nursing tops, etc this would be a good time to get some.  

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I have several sets from Figure 8 Maternity. My collection started after receiving a few items as a gift from a friend when pregnant with my first baby. They run on the slightly more expensive side but are such good quality that I will be wearing these through baby number 3 and beyond! They hold up to being washed over and over (my babies tend to spit up bad…) and keep their soft and comfortable feel. They don’t fall apart like most cheaper PJs over time. 


Majamas Organic Padded Abby Nursing Bra

My favorites that I have purchased over the years are the Margo Set in Maplewood , the Madison Nursing Nighty in black, and the Sunrise Nursing Shorts Set in Amaya. Lots of styles to choose from!

Majamas also has some nursing bras and nursing tops on sale so definitely worth a look! They carry some affordable nursing bras including 2 and 3-packs which help you save. Their bras run about $25-$30, so great price! They also have several organic options for my Green Mommas. There are even strapless options which aren’t something you find very often.

I hope you have a good time browsing and get some steals in the process!

Click here to see all the Majamas Deals!!

I will bring you any and all deals as I see them so stay tuned for more!

NOTE: This sale is for September 8th – September 15, 2016. If you are reading this after those dates, I would still check the website out as Figure 8 Maternity has sales year around and you will likely still find some deals!

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