Sarah Wells Bags – Why the Lizzy is an Awesome Pump Bag!


I just love Sarah Wells pump bags. She gets it. If you are a working mom, then you will completely understand what I am saying.

Walking into your place of work carting around a massive pump bag can be unsightly. Especially if you work in a professional work setting like I did. I would wear suits and dress clothes every day to work. So carrying a bag that looked the below picture did not fit at all!


My original (and not a Sarah Wells bag) Pump Bag

It felt like wearing a T-shirt with slacks. Everything about it screamed “pump bag!” Now I have to admit that my favorite pumping bag this actually the Sarah Wells Annie. Honestly, it’s amazing. But the Annie is not really a casual bag. It is perfect for a professional work environment! But when you need something a little sportier or that can be dressed up or down, the Lizzy is the perfect fit!


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Let’s Talk Specs

There are some great features of the Sarah Wells Lizzy Bag. Here are a few:Sarah-Wells-Bags

  1. The bag is 15.75″ long, 7″ wide, and 13″ tall when the sides are snapped down and 17″ when unsnapped. The handles are 10″ rise from the top of the bag when snapped.
  2. Includes a long cross-body strap
  3. Features two foil-lined thermal side pockets to fit breast pump and bottle of breast milk (one is 5″ x 8″ and the other is 10″ x 8″)
  4. Thermal side pockets keep milk cool for up to 6 hours
  5. Stylish, durable, lightweight, easy-to-clean performance nylon

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What Pumps Fit into the Sarah Wells Annie Bag?

The Sarah Wells Annie bag fits a number of pumps into the side pocket with or without the case. Here are a few:

  • Medela Pump in Style
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Hygeia
  • Freemie
  • Spectra
  • Ardo
  • Ameda

Larger pumps, like the Medela Symphony, would need to go into the main pocket of the bag as they don’t fit in the smaller side pockets. But the large, main pocket can fit most large pumps.

If you need a pump bag for the Medela Symphony, check out the Kelly bag.

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How to Pack Your Sarah Wells Lizzy Bag

One of the best things about the Lizzy is how much room there is in the bag. Having separate pockets for the pump and the milk bottles leaves you a lot of space to work with.Sarah-Wells-Bags

I call my Sarah Wells bag my “Mary Poppins Bag” because I can get most everything short of the kitchen sink in it. I used to carry no less than three, yes, I said three, bags to work with me every day. One was my pump bag, another was my cooler, and finally my purse or laptop bag (sometimes both if I had a lot of stuff in my purse that day). That didn’t even include my lunch bag if I was feeling really on top of it that morning.

I looked ridiculous walking into my office building carrying all those bags. Once I got my Sarah Wells bag, I was able to condense those bags into one. My pump, cooler, laptop, wallet, personal items (makeup, etc) and even my lunch fit into it!

I think the key to being a working mom is simplifying your life. You already have so much to think about and carry and do. So compartmentalizing is an amazing thing to organizing your life. It is hands down why I am so in love with Sarah Wells pump bags! It really makes life just slightly easier for us moms.

Want to see just how much fits into the Lizzy? Take a look at this quick video and you will be amazed! It shows several scenarios. You can see just how big the bags is.

What Moms Think About the Lizzy

The reviews of the Lizzy bag are overwhelmingly positive. A vast majority of moms say how much they love this bag. The size, the pump and cooler pockets, the style of the bag are all things moms love.Sarah-Wells-Bags

There were a few negatives, of course. Some moms felt the bag became too heavy after loading it up and wished the shoulder strap was padded. I tend to agree here. It can be heavy and very uncomfortable when trying to carry for long distances. Just going back and forth to work is fine but if you plan on traveling and throwing your laptop and personal items in it, you may want to consider your back while carrying it around an airport…

It’s not a deal-breaker for me and it is common sense that if you are adding a pump, laptop and everything else in one bag that it will get heavy. But it is something to consider if you travel a lot. You may need to carry a separate bag for your laptop to distribute the weight. 

Here are some real comments from real moms:






Cons of Sarah Wells Lizzy BagSarah-Wells-Bags

  • Padded Shoulder strap would be ideal
  • Does not fit a laptop or Macbook that is 15″
  • Only cools milk for up to 6 hours

Pros of Sarah Wells Annie Bag

  • So stylish!
  • Thermally-lined pockets built-in so no need to carry extra cooler
  • Easy to wipe inside and out clean
  • Fits a variety of pumps inside pockets
  • Comes in two awesome colors
  • Extra shoulder strap for second carrying option
  • Very roomy for all your “stuff”
  • Sporty Look but can be dressed up


Sarah-Wells-BagsThis bag is one of the best on the market in my opinion. It is well made, stylish, and allows you to carry all kinds of stuff. You know we all have a lot of stuff… Get rid of that ugly black and boring pump bag.

Pumping doesn’t have to be unfashionable. You don’t always have to carry things that scream, “mom!” We are women too and deserve to have a cute bag every now and again. This one just happens to be multipurpose. 

Having a baby is life changing. I remember feeling at odds with my new body post baby and dressing up or having something nice made me feel better. Yes, it’s just a pump bag but it is also an accessory that goes with this new and exciting life. So I say make it stylish and love the skin you are in! 

I hope you love the Sarah Wells bags as much as I do!

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