Increase Milk Supply Supplement – Review of Mother Knows Best Lactation Pills

If you are looking to increase your milk supply, you aren’t alone.

How to increase milk supply is the number one thing I am asked by moms who come to my blog. 

There is a lot of pressure on us breastfeeding moms. We are the sole source of nutrition for our babies. We often get rotten maternity leave and are forced back to work just weeks after giving birth. Building and maintaining a healthy milk supply can be a daunting task!

Lucky for us, there are products that can help. Increase milk supply supplements or lactation supplements are an easy way to get an extra boost in your milk supply! And Mother Knows Best supplements are worth reading about!

What are Mother Knows Best Lactation Supplement Pills:

There are many herbal supplements on the market today that boast the ability to increase your milk supply.

So what is in them and do they really work?


Increase milk supply supplement Mother Knows Best might be one of the most complete lactation supplements on the market today. It has a great mixture of several herbs that make this a supplement to put on your radar.

Foods, herbs, actions, or medication that help lactation in mothers are known as a galactagogue. Galactagogue is a  combination of the Greek terms “galact-” meaning milk, and “-ogogue” meaning leading to or promoting. You will find most lactation supplements referred to as a galactagogue which is just a fancy name.


Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Mother Knows Best and how that supports and promotes lactation.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a herb often recommended to mothers who want to get a boost in their milk supply. You will find numerous mothers who rave about the results they have seen by taking Fenugreek daily.Increase-Milk-Supply-Supplement

Studies show mixed results in regard to Fenugreek and its true influence on a mother’s supply but with the positive reviews out there and the thousands of breastfeeding moms who say it does work, one would conclude that this herb is a winner.

Of the studies that have been done, it does show that a mother needs to take nearly 3500 mg of Fenugreek a day in most cases for it to be effective. It is said that once your sweat and urine smell like maple syrup then you are taking enough. Nice, sweet side effect in my opinion! I love maple syrup!

Powerful herb with great results!

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is a herb commonly found in lactation supplements. It appears to work best when paired with Fenugreek. It has been used since the Middle Ages for a variety of ailments such as loss of appetite, indigestion, as a diuretics, depression, and of course for lactation.

Fennel Seed

Increase-Milk-Supply-SupplementAlso known as, Foeniculum vulgare, Fennel is a popular and flavorful herb for cooking. Since ancient times, it has been used for a variety of medical purposes including lactation in mothers.

It contains anethole, which is considered a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens mimic the properties of the hormone estrogen, which is essential for increased secretion of milk in mothers. Evidence suggests that taking Fennel may promote increased lactation because of this.

It is also high in vitamin C, which may be why it has been used effectively for medical remedies for so long.


DHA is a supplement that consists of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. The idea behind supplementing with DHA is that babies generate fatty acids more slowly than adults and thus need to get some in their diet. For a nursing baby, that means through breastmilk.

A mother who takes DHA supplements will, in fact, have higher amounts of DHA in her breastmilk.Increase-Milk-Supply-Supplement

We get DHA through our diet as well by eating things like:

-Fish – Salmon, Tuna, Mackeral, etc

-Some Seeds and Nuts – Flax Seeds, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds, etc

-Some beans- Soy Beans, Kidney Beans, Navy Beans

One of the great things about Mother Knows Best is it combines all these great herbs and supplements. You take 4 pills a day versus 15-20 if you took each individually. That stands out to me!

 Mother Knows Best Specs

So other than the powerful ingredients, what makes Mother Knows Best so great?

Well, the company says it all lies not just in the ingredients but in the specific combination of those ingredients that allows them to work together in a way that promotes the most lactation results.

Increase-Milk-Supply-SupplementSome key points to note about Mother Knows Best Lactation Supplement Pills are:

  1. No Artificial Ingredients
  2. Free of Gluten, dairy,  Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Egg, and Soy
  3. Special Lactation Blend contains a whopping 2600 mg of tried and tested ingredients
  4. Contains – Blessed Thistle (root) 4:1, Fenugreek (seed) powder, Fennel (seed) powder, DHA (algae source)
  5. Grown and prepared in the USA
  6. Money back Guarantee!

And, yes, you read that correctly – a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Here’s what Mother Knows Best promises:

MORE MILK IN 14 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We are so confident that you will experience a dramatic increase in breast milk production, You may return this product at any time, for any reason, and receive a quick, 100% refund. Guaranteed.

That is a fairly confident stance on the quality of their product. I think with so many products on the market, it is a nice thing know that you can get your money back if Mother Knows Best does not work for you.

Does Mother Knows Best Supplements Realy Work?

The real question when researching any product that claims to support milk production is does it really work?

So is Mother Knows Best some miracle supplement that will get you lactating like the village cow? Maybe. Some say it is but like all supplements, it’s a tool. 

It will help your body by giving it the nutrients it needs to hopefully influence its ability to produce more milk. The key to a healthy supply is and always will be proper breastfeeding and/or pumping technique (aside from medical issues, of course).

If you are struggling with the basics (latching, missing feedings, not nursing on demand, not pumping correctly, etc) then yes, you will struggle with supply issues. 

Fenugreek is a common supplement that is recommended for nursing moms. I have found that blend supplements (one that included several herbs) give me the best results. That is one of the reasons that I love Mother Knows Best. It has several herbs in it.

You will see much better results with a blended formula. 

At the end of the day, I think Mother Knows best is a fantastic supplement. It has everything there in one pill! Most mothers seem to see a difference and when you are struggling, that chance is worth it! If you are looking for a way to help increase your milk output, I suggest you grab a bottle of this today!

Besides, there is always the money back guarantee just in case. 


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  1. Barbara70 says:

    I have read many reviews on how Domperidone helps to increase breast milk supply. I am on Domperidone (Motilium) since Mark’s was 2 months old (9 x 10mg tablets every 24 hours ie. 3 tablets 3 times a day). It is easy to take and increases milk. When you stop taking the milk slows so you have to keep up with the pills. The herbals are blessed thistle and Fenugreek which need to be taken together. You can take the herbals to increase milk flow, The herbals usually work when you are just a little low and have not stopped bf. So if you are still pumping and a little low try the herbals. If you stopped for a period of time you will need the Domperidone. I took both at one point which is fine. I get Domperidone online to save money. It was my friend, actually, who suggested I try Dom.

    • Heather Grace says:

      I agree with taking the herbs. Blessed thistle and Fenugreek are great for increasing milk supply and really do work! Mother’s Milk Tea and Supplements are a great way to take these.

      I am glad to hear that domperidone worked for you. I caution against using it without a doctor’s consent, however, and really just in general. In the United States, it is not available as the FDA came out with warnings against using it for nursing mothers – that warning can be read here. For moms who do need additional help increasing their supply, there are prescription drugs that can help. Those come with side effects, however, and should always be taken under the care of a doctor.

      This article has some great information on that -here. Thank you for your comment and for sharing what worked for you! Take care.

  2. Houstoer says:

    Wow really nice website. Super informative. I’m a guy but a father and we breast fed all our daughters. You have the basis covered with logical good information. Well done !

    • Heather Grace says:

      Thank you very much! Your wife did an amazing job to successfully breastfeed all three of your daughters. Supplements like this one do help but so does knowledge and practice and it seems she had plenty of that. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. sc88 says:

    Hi Heather,

    great review! I was just thinking its funny how so many words and names come from the ancient Greeks and the names are always so descriptive of the thing they are naming, for example here “galactagogue” meaning milk promoting, lol, and thats such a cool word… But any way these supplements seem to have the perfect combination of ingredients for mothers to produce milk and on top of that and most importantly its all natural 🙂

    • Heather Grace says:

      Yes, this definitely has all the right ingriendents in one! I think if you are going to supplement then might as well get an all in one pill!

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