How to Tie Moby Wrap – The Art of Babywearing

The Moby Wrap is a wonderful way to wear your baby. If you are not familiar with it, it is basically a long piece of fabric that is Houdini’d into a baby carrier.

If you have read my review of the Moby Wrap, then you probably already know that the Moby can be cumbersome to figure out. Click here to read the full review.

I shared these little gems in that review:










They are both real parents who were “figuring out” the Moby Wrap. As you can see, things can go wrong.

So how do you actually tie the Moby and make it stay?

In this post, I will go over all four Moby Wrap holds including when to use each hold and how to achieve it. I will even include visuals for those who prefer picture books. Here we go!

Moby Wrap Holds:

First – Wrap Yourself:

  • All the Moby Wrap Holds (with the exception of the Kangaroo Hold), start with this basic setup. So follow these steps first, then proceed to the desired hold.

Moby – Getting Started Wrap Video Demo:

Moby – Getting Started Wrap Steps:



1 – Begin with your MOBY logo section centered at your navel.


2 – Fold the MOBY Wrap in half and place across your waist with the stitched edges on top, like a taco.


3 – Cross the two ends behind your back and bring one end up and over your shoulder.











4 – Bring the other end over your opposite shoulder creating an “X” on your back.


5 – Tuck the ends of the wrap under the logo section from top to bottom.


6 – Cross the end pieces in the front making an “X” across your chest.










7 – Bring the fabric ends behind your back and tie a knot here, or continue to wrap around to the front of your body.


8 – Tie a double knot on your back, hip or front.


9- Tie where knot comfortably lands.









Newborn Hug Hold:

  • Made for Babies: Newborns (8lbs+) to 3 Months old

Newborn Hug Hold – Video Demo:

Newborn Hug Hold  Steps:


1 – Locate the shoulder piece that is nearest your body. Open seams to create a pocket for baby.


2 – Place baby on the shoulder opposite from the piece of fabric closest to you.


3 – Slide baby down your chest and into this pocket. The baby’s legs will remain in the fetal position.










4 – Spread the fabric over the baby’s body including the shoulders, back and bottom.


5 – Locate the opposite section of fabric and spread over baby’s body.


6 – Find the logo and pull this section of fabric up and over baby. You may tuck baby’s head under one of the shoulder pieces for additional support.










Hug Hold

  • For Babies: 3-4 Months and older. Introduce once your baby is able to fully stretch legs.

Hug Hold – Video Demo:

 Hug Hold Steps:


1 – Locate the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.


2 – While holding baby on your opposite shoulder, carefully put baby’s first leg through the shoulder piece.


3 – Spread the fabric over baby’s bottom and shoulder. Keep spreading until the fabric is to the hollows of baby’s knees.










4 – Place baby’s second leg through the other shoulder piece while supporting the upper body.


5 – Spread the fabric to the hollows of baby’s knees, covering baby’s bottom and shoulders.


6 – Locate the logo and gently put baby’s legs through this section.











7 – Continue pulling this section of fabric up and over baby’s back and shoulders.


8 – You may tuck baby’s head under one of the shoulder pieces for additional support.








Hip Hold

  • For Babies: 5 Months and older. Introduce when your baby has excellent head & upper body control.

I don’t have a fancy video for this hold but it is fairly simple.

Hip Hold Steps:


1 – Wrap so that the shoulder piece closest to your body is the side on which you will carry baby.


2 – Shift the MOBY so that the fabric “X” is moved from your front to your side.


3 – Place one of baby’s legs through the shoulder piece closest to your body, so that baby straddles your hip. Spread the fabric over baby’s bottom and shoulder.












4 – Fully spread the fabric, ensuring it is to the hollows of baby’s knees and over baby’s entire back.


5 – Locate the logo and gently put both of baby’s legs through this section. Pull fabric up over baby’s back and shoulders.


6 – Baby should be seated comfortably at your hip with baby’s shoulders secured by two layers of fabric.









Kangaroo Wrap & Hold

  • For Babies: 8lbs and older. This hold is called a Front Wrap Cross Carry in the woven wrap world and is similar to the Newborn Hug but the fabric is tied with the horizontal pass underneath.

Kangaroo Hold – Video Demo:

 Kangaroo Wrap & Hold Steps:


1 – Place the MOBY Wrap across your waist with the logo centered at your navel.


2 – Wrap the ends of the MOBY behind your back. Make an “X” on your back by crossing the two ends up over your shoulders.


3 – Now it’s time for baby. Hold baby up on your shoulder.










4 – Gently lower baby into the fabric section with the logo. While baby is in the fetal position, pull the fabric up to baby’s shoulders and down under baby’s bottom.


5 – Holding baby securely with baby’s legs tucked in; bring one fabric end over baby’s back towards your opposite hip and guide under baby’s bottom.


6 – Repeat with the other fabric end, making sure you keep both fabric ends pulled snugly as you wrap.












7 – Wrap fabric ends around your body. Double knot at your back, hip or front.


8 – Tuck back of baby’s head into a shoulder section for additional support. Make sure baby’s mouth and nose are visible. Feel to make sure chin is lifted off chest.












Safety Check

One thing that is very important is to constantly be checking and double checking that your baby is positioned correctly and the wrap is tight enough. You wouldn’t want any accidents to happen. Here are a few simple things that Moby suggests you check often:

  1. Chin is off chest and baby’s face is visible.
  2. The logo section (“seat belt”) is securing baby’s entire back and shoulders.
  3. Baby is in a seated position with knees up above bottom.
  4. Fabric is spread to the hollows of baby’s knees.

Visit the Moby Wrap site for detailed info.


So, there you have it! All four Moby Wrap holds. It can seem overwhelming and confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to tie it in your sleep!

Love the Moby? Read my full review here!

Happy Babywearing!


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  1. Andrea says:

    I loved carrying my babies! What a precious time. Now my babies are older, so I sometimes ask to wear my friend’s baby 😀

    Wow, those baby’s in the no-so-well-tied moby wraps don’t look too pleased.

    I used a moby wrap with my second and third child. When I had my first child, there was not much selection for baby carriers. By the time I had my third, there was an abundance of different types of carriers. I still really liked my moby wrap, especially for newborns. I carried my second daughter in a moby wrap for every nap until she was 3 months old.

    I have used a baby k’tan which is kind of like a moby wrap, without the wrapping. They are nice, but you have to get a proper size, whereas the moby wrap can fit just about anyone.

    I also used the Ergo carrier. I like that when my son was a bit older, around 3 months and up. I really liked the Ergo because you could use it as a backpack, which made doing chores and carrying baby much easier. He did not like to be put down!

    • Heather Grace says:

      There certainly are a lot of options on the market now for baby wearing! I agree with you on a K’tan. It is pre sewn which is nice but you do need to get the right size. I do like that the Moby is one size fits all and has a lot of options as far as holds are concerned.

      And I LOVE the backpack carry option! I agree it makes things much easier! Baby wearing is a must for any busy mom!

  2. Joseph Nabin says:

    The Moby Wrap probably is full of safety issues and contemplating its use to me is with mixed feelings. As I already know, the Moby can be cumbersome to figure out.

    Your website Heather, is one of a few that provide verifiable info and I like the layout. As for parents looking for information regarding breastfeeding and pumping, I think they would be blessed to have come here (the right place)!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Any woven wrap can certainly be a safety issue if not tied correctly. I have seen this trend of some trying to tie the wrap in a forward facing position. This is not safe! I hope these instructions help other moms get the steps down so they can get the wrap in the correct position.

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