Bebe au Lait Jersey Nursing Scarf


What is a Bebe au Lait Jersey Nursing Scarf?

One of the biggest issues I have had with nursing covers is the fact that it doesn’t cover your back or side very well. You have to tuck the cover under your arm or lean back on something which isn’t always possible depending on where you are nursing.

I was intrigued by the idea of a nursing scarf from the moment that I was told these exist. So what exactly is a nursing scarf?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a scarf that you use for nursing!Bebe-au-Lait-Jersey-Nursing-Scarf

Bebe au Lait Jersey Nursing Scarf is a 2-in-1 nursing cover that is also worn as a stylish scarf. It is light-weight jersey cotton which is super soft. It is also an infinity scarf which means it sewn together at the ends making it a perfect cover for nursing. Your back and sides will always have coverage.

Also, you get to ditch the ugly brass clips that hold typical nursing covers together. Not to mention it is one less thing you need to carry in your diaper bag so that will free up some much-needed space for other baby essentials. And with 3 color options to choose from, you can find one that goes with most anything you wear.

This is the perfect accessory for nursing on the go!

Bebe-au-Lait-Jersey-Nursing-ScarfProduct Features of the Bebe au Lait Jersey Nursing Scarf

  • 2 in 1 infinity breastfeeding scarf
  • front-to-back nursing cover
  • stylish & lightweight
  • soft & stretchy
  • 68” inner circumference x 28” wide
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine washable

Want to See the Bebe au Lait Nursing Scarf in Action?

Here is a great video that shows that the Bebe au Lait worn as both a scarf and as a nursing cover.

The scarf in this video is the muslin fabric which is an option too. I included a list of the muslin scarves in this review as well since they have some great colors and because muslin is great material! You can read about the muslin options below.

I love the look of the scarf and the coverage it provides as a nursing cover!

Bebe au Lait Muslin Nursing Scarves – More Options!

As I mentioned above, the Bebe au Lait scarves also come in muslin fabric. If you are not familiar with muslin fabric, then let me tell you that it is seriously so soft! It makes for a wonderful scarf!Bebe-au-Lait-Jersey-Nursing-Scarf

One positive about the muslin design is that I from what I can tell you will not encounter the issue of the backing not being lined. I think the design might look more complete.

But it is lighter-weight and may not feel as sturdy as the jersey cotton design. But both are great options!

Note that the muslin scarves are slightly more expensive, though.

Here are the product details for the muslin scarf options for the Bebe au Lait (I will include colors below with the jersey):

  • 2 in 1 infinity breastfeeding scarf
  • front-to-back nursing cover
  • stylish & lightweight
  • soft & breathable
  • 70” inner circumference x 26” wide
  • 100% premium muslin cotton
  • Machine washable

Pros and Cons of Bebe au Lait Nursing Scarf:


  • Bebe-au-Lait-Jersey-Nursing-ScarfJersey Cotton scarf is not lined underneath
  • Only drapes over one shoulder so might feel too open for some mothers
  • Limited Colors in Jersey fabric


  • Light-weight
  • 2-in-1 Accessory since can be worn as a scarf
  • More options available in Muslin fabric
  • Space saver in diaper bag
  • Can be used even after weaning
  • Good price

The Jersey cotton scarves are not lined which can look unfinished if the scarf gets turned the wrong way. I wish they would continue the design and have sewn it together so that t doesn’t look that way underneath.

The muslin scarves are by far my favorite! 

They are super lightweight so you could even use them as a nursing cover in the summertime by keeping the scarf in your diaper bag. 

The other major thing that I love about these nursing scarves is the fact that they wrap around your body when you nurse. They cover your back which is great especially if you need to lift your shirt to nurse. 

I can’t tell you how many times my baby has decided to just pull the nursing cover down and because it was just draped over me, I gave quite a few people around me a little show. The scarf definitely ensures you stay covered.

We carry enough baby items as moms so having an item that you can actually wear as a scarf is a huge plus. Maybe leaves some room in your diaper bag for something else…

This is a great option if you are looking for a more stylish nursing cover! I highly recommend the Bebe au Lait!

Click here to read more about Bebe au Lait Nursing Scarves!

Choose From These Great Options:

Jersey Cotton Scarves


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Muslin Scarves:


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Sahara Pattern









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Nightingale Pattern







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  1. Ilyssa says:

    I think that nursing scarf is an awesome item! It would be a great gift for a few of my friends who have recently had children and are nursing. I love that you included reviews from those who have used the scarf as well as the pros and cons of it. I think this post and your site are very helpful.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Thank you and I agree that these would make an awesome gift! As a nursing mom, I would have loved to get one of these at my baby shower!

  2. Carlos Díaz says:

    Your kids must be so proud of you! This site is both elegant and creative, I loved it!

    The scarf you are talking about looks great, is very elegant, moms surely will like it a lot (I’m not a mom but I know when a mom has style)

    I have a teacher at the university who uses it and it looks great with it, I always compliment her about it.

    Very beautiful website, keep the hard work!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Thank you! I appreciate that! I am so glad you shared that someone you know love it too. I think most mothers will find they love this scarf. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Tempest says:

    This overall site is extremely well done and organized. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and wholesome. Also, your review was amazing, as it was thorough and detailed in every aspect. Not only was your review spot on, but the fact you’d provide people with even more reviews made this all the better. Thank you so much for such a great page.

    • Heather Grace says:

      o Thank you. I think it is so important when reviewing a product to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly haha. As a mom, I want the same thing when I am looking at products to buy. I am glad you thought the review represented that! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Merceadez says:

    I was a breastfeeding mommy for my two children and this would have been very useful at times. I love your review of this product. You answered all my questions and there are some cute colors to choose from. I may not need this product but I will recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks


  5. Sandy says:

    I think the jersey nursing scarf is a fantastic idea. It is elegant and serves a useful purpose. I think the information you provided about breastfeeding will help many people and I agree that breast milk is “liquid gold”. Your statistics for the percentage of mothers breastfeeding is quite alarming, There are so many nutrients in breast milk and I believe it creates a special bond with your child. I breastfed my daughter until she was a year old. If I tried to give her a bottle it was rejected.

    • Heather Grace says:

      I love the idea of a nursing scarf for a few reasons but one is that I love products that make us moms feel beautiful. We don’t always need to use frumpy and “mom looking” products! I agree about the percentage of mothers who breastfeed. I hope with more information, like from this site, moms can find support to continue!

  6. Prince Smith says:

    Hello, Heather,
    First, I want to congratulate you on being the being the Mother of 2 Boys.
    I have 2 Boys and a Girl. The information you provides on this site is vital to Mothers with new borns in the family.
    I and my Wife are far from the stages of newborns. Both of us are seniors now.
    All of my 3 Children are married and have plans of having additional kids. So, this information will be beneficial for them to have reference to. I have bookmarked your site for future reference. You’ve done a great job of presenting this information to the public, Heather. Nice Work!

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