When Should I Buy a Nursing Bra?



This is a very common question from moms. It is one of the most asked when it comes to nursing bras that I have seen. Aside from wanting to know the best brands, or styles, or place to buy, moms want to know WHEN they need to start buying nursing bras.

It is easy to get ahead of yourself on this one… When I was about 8 months pregnant with my first son I went out and bought a bunch of nursing bras. I even washed them. I thought I was being proactive and staying ahead of the game. When you are getting close to “D-Day” you have this need to be prepared. Buying nursing bras was an obvious step for me as I knew I was going to attempt to breastfeed my son. 

I was a 32C before getting pregnant. While pregnant I was a 34D. Want to guess what I was AFTER my milk came in? If you guessed a 32H, then you would be correct…I got enormous. Guess what size all those nursing bras were that I jumped the gun on and bought were? Yep, all 34D… and useless. 

So when do you buy nursing bras?

Answer: AFTER you give birth and your milk comes in.

You will have no way of knowing what your breasts will do once your milk comes in. Some moms will be the exact same size. Others, like me, will feel like a freak of nature with the drastic change their body goes through. 

So, my advice? Wait. Wait until your milk comes in before buying any fitted nursing bras.

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What to Wear Right After Birth For Nursing

To prepare for giving birth or for those first few weeks afterward, I suggest you only buy nursing tanks or flexible, stretchy bras.

This will allow a comfortable fit for your ever-changing breasts and stretch in case, like me, you become huge after your milk comes in. After a few weeks and your engorgement has gotten better, then get fitted for a good nursing bra. 


Dairy Fairy Nursing Tank

It is very important that you wear the correct size and never wear a bra that is too small or tight. That will lead to big issues with clogged ducts and pain. So hold off on the big purchases until you can be properly fitted.

I had a few favorites that I wore in the hospital and right after the birth. I would suggest checking out any of these:

1 – Cake Lingerie, Cotton Candy Style

2- Cake Lingerie, Rock Candy Style

3 – Bravado Silk Seamless

4 – Dair Fairy Nursing Tank (My Fav for the hospital and for nighttime!)

In the end, there is no need to rush into buying a bunch of nursing bras. You will be okay with soft stretchy bras and tanks for a week or two. Once the engorgement gets better, then get out there and shop to your heart’s content! 

I hope I save you from wasting a ton of money like I did… 

Like always, leave me a comment or any questions and I hope your breastfeeding journey gets started on the right foot!


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