Tips For Recovering From a C-Section – Review of Post-Op Abdominal Binders and More


One of my biggest fears in facing labor was the fear of the unknown. What would it be like? What will happen to me? What would happen if I needed a C-Section? What would the recovery be like?


7-Week Post-Op C-Section Scar- Source: Wikipedia

Being someone who’s most significant “surgery” was the time when I was 12 to have some dental work done (hey, in fairness I was put under), the thought of major surgery like a C-Section seemed very scary. I had never even spent the night in a hospital before giving birth the first time!

I am a huge advance for educating yourself, which is one of the main reasons I started this site. So in that spirit, this article is dedicated to C-Sections and the recovery from a C-Section.

Tips for Recovering from a C-Section:

  1. Get Walking! – Fairly soon after your C-Section, you will be encouraged to get on your feet. Start walking as soon as you are able. This encourages blood flow which prevents blood clots and helps with healing. It will be painful at first but, in the long run, will help you heal faster.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of Painkillers – Your doctor will offer pain medicine. Take it. You do not want the pain to catch up to you since it can be hard to get it back under control in a reasonable timeframe. Plus, it will help you feel more comfortable when getting up and moving. They should offer meds that are safe for breastfeeding, so if that concerns you, just double check with your medical staff.
  3. Stool Softners are Your Friend – One side effect of surgery is painful bloating and gas. Combine that with pregnancy hormone-induced constipation and you have a recipe for disaster. Take stool softeners but more importantly, drink plenty of water post-op!
  4. fisher-price-rock-n-play-reviews

    #4 – Get Plenty of Rest! Pictured: Fisher Price Rock’N Play

    Get Plenty of Rest – Maybe you rolled your eyes at this one because with a newborn, who is sleeping, right?? But the saying, “rest when baby rests,” is very true. Your body needs time to regenerate so take it easy!

  5. Accept Help! – Take all the help from hospital staff and family and friends once home. In the long run, you will appreciate it and your body needs it.
  6. Take Care of your Incision – You will be given post-op care instructions on how to care for your incision, follow them. Like to a T. There are massage techniques that can help in the recovery and appearance of the scar and something worth trying (See below Products – AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit comes with a video on this).
  7. Use an Abdominal Binder – I used a binder after all my births and am thankful I did! Wearing one after a C-Section will help support the incision to prevent tearing. It holds your abdominal muscle together to help promote healing and helps you feel supported which makes moving less painful.
  8. Get Support – I know many moms who experienced emergency C-Sections or had a birth go not quite the way they envisioned. The need for emotional support may be there and that is okay! There are studies that show a mom is more likely to suffer from postpartum depression after a C-Section. If you feel sad, depressed, or alone, reach out and seek help from your doctor, spouse, friend, or even an online community.
  9. Do Some Reading – Be prepared going into your delivery whether you have a scheduled C-Section or not. Knowledge is power and if you know what to expect, then you take the power back. I recommend picking up this book called, C-Section: How to Avoid, Prepare for and Recover from your Cesarean. It is a very informative book that I found to be a great resource for anything and everything you want or need to know about having a C-Section. Pick up a copy today, seriously. You will be glad you did! You can find it on Amazon in both paperback and for the Kindle by clicking here. 


Best Abdominal Binders and C-Section Recovery Products

One of my favorite things to do on this site is to recommend products for moms (or strongly NOT recommend products, which happens). I know how hard it is to sort through the thousands of products available in any one category.

Here I have listed a few options for recovery products. I tried to stick with products I have firsthand knowledge of but still give you a good range in regards to price point since that can be an important factor.

Abdominal Binders:

Belly Bandit Bamboo (My Pick)

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionThis is for the Green momma! The Belly Bandit is made from bamboo which means it is super soft. I actually do own one of these and it is seriously soft! Some other benefits from it being made of bamboo is that it is inherently antibacterial and is three times more durable than cotton. It is also moisture wicking which means it pulls moisture away from your skin. That is huge for keeping your C-Section incision dry!

This is a really great option for a binder. It is very durable so it will last you a long time. Of all the binders I have tried, this is my favorite!

Click here to see a sizing chart. It fits true to size!

Colors: Black and Natural

Best Place to Buy: Figure 8 Maternity

Price: $69

Click here to read more about the Belly Bandit Bamboo!

Body After Baby Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionThis binder is made of Nylon and Spandex and is super breathable which helps aid recovery. The unique thing about the design of the Sienna is that it is not just a girdle. It fits around your hips and thighs as well. The idea is to support the major body parts impacted by pregnancy including the hips and lower back, not just the C-Section incision.

Moms love the results this binder gave them but one thing to note is that it seems it runs small. A common complaint is that it was too tight. I would consider this when buying. You might want to size up one if you are on the cusp.

Click here to see the sizing chart for the Sienna.

I love the design and idea behind this binder. If you think you need a little extra support, this would be worth the money!

Colors: Black and Natural

Best Place to Buy: Figure 8 Maternity

Price: $89

Click here to learn more about the Sienna!

AbdoMend C Section Recovery Kit

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionThe AbdoMend is favorite among many moms and for good reason. Their 100% cotton C-Section Recovery Belt gives you support for your lower back and stomach to help you get out of bed with less pain post-op. The material is very well made and very soft which also provides some protection for your incision.

This isn’t just the binder, though, there are a few other goodies in this kit offered by AbdoMend. The kit includes a self-help massage DVD. Here you will see massage techniques demonstrated to help avoid adhesions and issues with your scar. It only takes a few minutes a day and well worth it!

There is also a dry skin brush that comes with a guide to show you how to help reduce swelling and prevent ingrown hairs in your incision (ouch!).

This kit comes highly recommended. I do like the addition of the massage demonstration since that can be a huge help in recovery.  If you are looking to take that extra step, this is a great kit!

Click here to see a sizing chart for the Abdo Recovery Belt.

Color: Natural

Best Place to Buy: Figure 8 Maternity

Price: $80

Click here to learn more about the AbdoMend!

BraceAbility Postpartum Abdominal Binder

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionThis binder is very much like the one I received with my first baby. The BraceAbility binder is made from soft foam laminate. It is said it won’t irritate the skin but I never found these to be the most breathable binders so sweating in them was common. Something to consider, especially in warmer months.

The velcro makes it easy to put on and take off or readjust if needed. It also only has 2 sizes – S/M and L/XL. This is a huge plus in my book since you are more likely to get a proper fitting binder the first time.

Overall, this is a good option, especially on a budget. I don’t think this is the most comfortable binder (I found it rides up toward your boobs a lot so there is a lot of pulling it back down) and there are certainly better binders mentioned here but if you want a decent one at an okay price, then this is something to consider!

Sizes Available: S/M and L/XL

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $25

Click here to learn more about the BraceAbility Binder!

C-Section Scar Care Products

There are a lot of scar care products on the market. The options are nearly endless. Here are a few that I have used before and found success with. It should be noted that there are no miracle products to completely remove a scar. You can’t find that in a bottle. You might be able to get close by paying for expensive laser surgery but creams and products that you can buy will only improve the texture and appearance. 

It will not be removed completely so be sure you have proper expectations before paying money for any scar removal products.

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionEarth Momma Angel Baby C-Mama Healing Salve

Earth Momma is one of my favorite brands for natural products. This cream has no artificial preservatives or fragrance and no petrolatum. It is nutrient rich with nature alone!  100% natural and organic and rich in vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and amino acids which are all necessary for cell regeneration and healing. 

This salve can be used not just for C-Section incisions but also on other surgical wounds, old c section scars, stretch marks, and inflamed rashes and burns. 

When I first bought this cream, I was surprised at how small the jar looks but I can tell you that a little goes a long way! You don’t need to use a ton for each application. I have not used this on a fresh wound and I have heard that it may burn slightly. That seems to make sense. You might want to wait a week or two before using it on a fresh wound or test it out on a small part first. Just in case. 

Overall, the reviews on Earth Momma C-Mama are really good. Moms love this cream and swear by it. Being that it is all natural and inexpensive, I think it is more than worth a try!

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $15

Click here to learn more about Earth Momma Angel Baby C-Mama

ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips

tip-for-recovering-from-a-c-sectionIf you haven’t heard of these handy little strips, then you might be missing out. 

ScarAway helps restore raised and discolored c-section scars to a more natural color and texture, using the same technology trusted by burn centers and plastic surgeons. Using ScarAway on newly healed c-section wounds helps prevent the formation of unsightly scars. It can even be used on old scars.

The material is quite unique in that it is breathable, flexible, and even washable while maintaining its adhesiveness. 

It comes in sheets. You can cut the sheets to fit smaller scars or use the entire sheet. You can remove the sheet to bathe and keep in a case that comes with the kit. Each sheet will last 2 weeks. Not bad if you ask me. Most products like this are a one time use only. 

The reviews on ScarAway are convincing. It also gives you good protection since even weeks after surgery, the area can be quite sensitive. 

It should be noted that you can’t use Scar Away until the incision has fully closed. That might seem obvious as you don’t want to be putting a giant, sticker-like product on an open wound so just wanted to point that out. 

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $20

Click here to read more about ScarAwayC-Section Scar Treatment Strips

There you have it! Remember to drink lots of water, rest when you can, and be kind to yourself! 

Do you have a go-to product for recovery? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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