Nursing Bra & Pumping Bra Reviews


One of the more frustrating things to shop for when preparing to breastfeed is a nursing bra. With so many brands and options to choose from, where do you even start?

There are a few things that I look for in a nursing bra:

  1. Support – Nothing makes you look and feel more terrible than an ill-fitting bra. Support is a must.
  2. Comfort – You will be living in your nursing bra, so make sure it’s one that feels great.
  3. Brand – I am not loyal to name brands typically but when it comes to nursing bras, you get what you pay for. Period. I am not saying big name brands have the best bras but certain brands are best to stick to.

With that said, on this page, you will find articles on various nursing and pumping bras that I have personally reviewed. Finding the right nursing bra can overwhelming so let us narrow it down for you!

When to Buy a Nursing Bra


Cake Lingerie: Cotton Candy

This is a question that comes up often so I wanted to be sure I addressed it before we get to the reviews. So when do you buy nursing bras?

Answer: AFTER you give birth and your milk comes in.

When I was about 8 months pregnant with my son I went out and bought a bunch of nursing bras. I even washed them. I thought I was being proactive and staying ahead of the game. Boy, was I wrong!

I was a 32C before getting pregnant. While pregnant I was a 34D. Want to guess what I was AFTER my milk came in? If you guessed a 32H, then you would be correct…I got enormous. Guess what size all those nursing bras were that I jumped the gun on and bought were? Yep, all 34D and useless. 

I wasted a ton of money so I am sharing this with all of you in hopes to save you!

While you are pregnant, if you need to, buy some comfortable non-wire bras (I love the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy bra). To prepare for giving birth or for those first few weeks afterward, I suggest you only buy nursing tanks or flexible and stretchy bras.

This will allow a comfortable fit for your ever-changing breasts and stretch in case, like me, you become huge after your milk comes in. After a few weeks and your engorgement has gotten better, then get fitted for a good nursing bra. 

It is very important that you wear the correct size and never wear a bra that is too small or tight. That will lead to big issues with clogged ducts and pain. So hold off on the big purchases until you can be properly fitted.

Nursing Bra or Pumping Bra?


Bustier Pumping Bra: Simple Wishes

So, do you buy a nursing or pumping bra? What is the difference?

A pumping bra is a nursing bra that allows you to attach your breast pump flanges and pump hands-free. A nursing bra is only for nursing.

There are two different kinds of pumping bras, so it is important to pay attention when buying. They are:

  1. All-in-one Pumping Bra – A bra you can actually wear and doubles as a nursing and pumping bra.
  2. Bustier Pumping Bra – This is not an actual bra. It is a bustier that you zip on and attach the pump flanges and wear only while pumping. It is a quick and easy way to pump hands-free.

A mom who will not be doing any pumping or has no need for the hands-free option would likely want to stick to a basic nursing bra. Moms who plan to pump for any reason may find the pumping bra a huge help.

There is no right or wrong. I have both nursing only bras and pumping bras and like both. When I had to pump when wearing a nursing only bra, I would use the bustier pump bra, like Simple Wishes, and that worked great. I found that I could get more supportive nursing bras when they were not for pumping. So be aware that you do loose a little support with the pumping bras in some cases.

As always, leave me a comment with any questions or if you have a brand you want me to review!

Happy Pumping!

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  1. jschicanha says:

    this is so amazing. i have been searching a suitable bra for my sister and give it to her but could not find any and i was stuck. she is having a new born baby and then i found these bras posted. interesting and willing to order some for her.

    thanks your service



    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Jose,

      I am glad I could give you a hand. Nursing bras are not an easy item to buy! Let me know if I can help in any way. Take care and congrats to your sister!

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is a super handy review, Heather! When I was pregnant with my first (which turned out to be twins!) I knew absolutely nothing about nursing and pumping and all that new mommy stuff. I did alright sort of winging it. I bought my nursing bras just before giving birth, but had a totally rotten time with milk coming in (my boobs don’t work very well, as it turns out) so the size I got worked out. I also bought a super charged pump and used the whole set up only for about 5 months. I’ve heard stories from friends with well working boobs though (haha) and knowing these sorts of things before you go out and buy your set up will definitely save headaches later.

    • Heather Grace says:

      When you are a first-time mom, everything feels like winging it lol. I am glad you were able to work it out, though! I agree that knowing ahead of time that you may face changes in your breasts after you give birth will save a lot of headaches!

  3. Shannon says:

    Wow, I nursed and pumped when my baby was born and it would have been nice to know about the pumping bras. I didn’t even know they existed. And what a smart thing to warn women not to get their bras until their milk comes in. I was really surprised at how big my breasts got as well, and who would have thought someone with tiny boobs could get so big?! Anyway, great website with some nice recommendations. 🙂

    • Heather Grace says:

      Buying a bra before your milk comes in is a huge mistake I have seen so many moms make (myself included, of course). But hey, some moms are lucky and their breast size doesn’t change. I would error on the side of caution though and wait to buy them for sure!

  4. Margaret says:

    I can see the value of the pumping bra but I’m sorry it keeps reminding me of farmers using milking machines on their cows. Surely that hanging off your nipples would hurt? You have described the pumping bra really well and I am sure it saves a lot of time for busy mums but I am eternally grateful I will never need one. Are they very popular among young mums?

    • Heather Grace says:

      Haha! Margaret, you crack me up! Yes, the metal image of a cow being milk is not too far off from how it feels at times! But no, pumping is not painful so no need to worry about that! I suppose pumping bras are very popular. It probably has to do with the high number of working moms today. Being able to pump hands-free is an amazing time saver since you can be multitasking. I am not sure I would have survived my pumping journey without one!

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