Memory Foam Crib Mattress – Should You Consider One?

memory foam crib mattresses for babies

Guest Post by Olivia Jackson

Safe sleeping habits are something that as new mothers we hear a lot about.

No bumpers, no pillows, sleeping on back, co-sleeping (same room), no smoking, drugs, etc, etc, etc

The American Academy of Pediatrics is pretty clear on its safe sleep recommendations.

But what about a memory foam crib mattress for babies?

Is this a good choice for parents to make? Is it safe?

Today’s guest post outlines what you need to know about memory foam crib mattresses for babies and if you should consider one. 

Memory Foam Crib Mattress – Should You Consider One?

Should Moms Consider Buying Non-organic Memory Foam Mattresses for Their Babies?

We all know that memory foam seems to be a wonderful sleeping surface meant for adults as it takes the shape of your body and keeps the spine perfectly aligned.

Memory Foam Mattress for Babies - Should You Consider One?

However, mothers often ask the vital question ‘Are memory foam mattresses equally beneficial for their little ones?’

Many mothers are worried about using memory foam mattresses for their kids as it is a purely artificial product that has been crafted using a few chemical compounds that could prove to be hazardous to the babies.

Are these concerns really valid?

Let us explore what mattress experts have got to say about the matter.

Are All Memory Foam Mattresses the Same?

It is critical for concerned moms to understand that memory foam mattresses meant especially for the kids do not come with the same features as those mattresses meant for adults.

Mattresses crafted exclusively for adults are relatively softer, as far as, the mattress surface is concerned.

However, this particular feature could prove to be hazardous for a baby as there could be risks associated with suffocation and obstruction of airflow.

That is the reason why memory foam mattresses for babies have been designed in such a way that the mattress surface is much firmer and the mattress boasts high responsiveness.

Exclusive Design for Babies

Modern mothers have browsed reputed sites for mattress reviews and they have come to know that the crib mattress that has been crafted especially, for a baby’s crib actually comes with a completely different construction in comparison to the usual adult memory foam mattresses.

The manufacturer would be using a different procedure and the crib mattress is built from scratch for your baby.

This also implies that no hazardous chemicals are used.

The surface is deliberately constructed in a manner so that it is responsive and really firm. It offers the required back support for your baby to grow strong and healthy.

The mattress is really comfortable for the baby, so sleep is also enhanced when you use the memory foam crib mattress for your baby.

You can find more mattress and sleep facts over at  

Memory Foam Mattress for Babies - Should You Consider One?

The Two Major Concerns

There are two major concerns that are raised by moms while choosing a memory foam:

  1. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS
  2. Chemicals


The incidence of SIDS would be minimized if babies are made to lie down on their backs and in a crib or some other independent sleep space.

Memory foam crib mattresses could be used with a specially perforated cover that boosts constant air flow to rule out any suffocation issue.


To refute the possibility of a hazard arising from the chemicals used in the mattress, experts believe that there have been no such reports claiming that babies have suffered from any kind of toxicity while sleeping on a memory foam crib mattress.

Some babies may develop certain allergic reactions at times but then even with all-natural latex mattresses, some babies could develop allergic reactions.

Conclusion: Always Choose Reputed & Trusted Brands

Memory foam is supposed to be a versatile material.

However, certain unscrupulous manufacturers may use some chemicals and may alter the necessary level of surface firmness of the mattresses.

So it is best for you to always stick to premium and trustworthy brands when it comes to your baby’s mattress and bedding items to promote safety and good health.

 About the Author

Olivia Jackson is an upcoming freelance writer. She has written many informative articles on different categories. She is also an avid blogger with the site Counting Sheep. 

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