LilleBaby Carrier Review

LilleBaby Carrier Review

If you haven’t heard about the LilleBaby carrier, then you are missing out!

This is one of my favorite baby carriers on the market!

It offers a number of different carrying positions, color options, is ergonomic, and very comfortable!

I first tried the LilleBaby when my daughter was about 3 weeks old. I was amazed that I was able to carry her without an insert. She was cozy in there and slept the entire time. Despite her being so small and light, I was concerned my back would start to ache since I was going to be standing for an extended period of time and most carriers hurt my back.

To my surprise, my back did not hurt at all. I have found the same to be true even when carrying my toddler son!

If you need a comfortable and versatile baby carrier, this is an amazing choice!

LilleBaby Carrier Review

What makes the LilleBaby Carrier so Special?

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1 – It Grows With Your Baby

LilleBaby is a light-weight carrier that grows with your baby through the toddler years (7-45 lbs). You can use it for a newborn without a need for a pricey extra insert.

2 – 6 Carry Positions

It offers six ergonomic ways to carry and is a “360-degree” carrier (meaning you can forward face and inward face)- Front: Fetal, Infant, Outward, and Toddler; Hip Carry; and Back Carry.

3 – Completely Adjustable

One thing that makes the LilleBaby so amazing is that you can adjust just about everything about it to fit both your body and your baby’s.

The bucket seat shape has adjustable side panels that widen and narrow for max comfort for your baby.

The shoulder straps are adjustable from two different ways to help get a custom fit. I often hear from shorter stature moms that a specific carrier did not work for them because of their short torso. The LilleBaby can adjust to a perfect fit for tall and short moms!

There is also an expandable back panel that folds down when you are front-facing or can be buckled up for inward facing to ensure max head support.

4 – Max Back Support

My favorite feature of the LilleBaby is the lumbar support. It has a panel that fits against your back that helps relieve back strain. I could carry my 30 lbs toddler in mine for hours without it pulling on my back or shoulders.

The shoulder straps are also padded really well and the waistband is extra wide to help distribute the weight more evenly. It makes a huge difference when compared to other carriers!

My other ergonomic carriers eventually start pulling, but not the LilleBaby!

5 – It Has Pockets!

I love pockets. I get so excited when products have them…

The LilleBaby carrier has two pockets! This is especially helpful when you need a quick spot to stash your keys or phone. I often run into a store or for a walk and don’t want to lug a bag with me. The pockets are amazing!

6 – It’s Machine Washable

I don’t have the time or the motivation to hand-wash anything. I love that the LilleBaby is safe to pop in the washing machine. I’ve washed mine a dozen times for various reasons (a diaper blow out was the worst!) and it cleaned right up and didn’t lose it’s shape at all!

LilleBaby Carrier Types

You can find several styles of the LilleBaby Carrier. Click on the style below to see the different features:

  1. Original
  2. Airflow
  3. All Seasons
  4. Organic
  5. Embossed
  6. Woven

LilleBaby Carrier Review


If you want a quality, comfortable baby carrier that won’t break your back and will grow with your baby, then the LilleBaby is about as top notch as you can get.

This is an amazing carrier with a lot of options.

The fact it is so adjustable makes this a great fit for all moms no matter their body type. 

Check out LilleBaby here for more information and to see pricing!

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