Guest Post Guidelines for The Pumping Mommy


Interested in writing for The Pumping Mommy?

We do accept Guest Posts regularly here at The Pumping Mommy.
If you would like to submit a guest post for review, please make sure you browse our blog to ensure that the topic is relevant to our blog and that the topic has not been done before.
The following rules apply to all guest posts:
1) Content must be original and authored by the submitter – We DO NOT accept unoriginal content or content that is intended for use on multiple sites.


2) We do not allow affiliate links in the content but will allow a link in a brief bio about the author to their site, etc


3) Any pictures must have proper licenses for use or will not be included


4) Final draft submitted must be formatted and edited. Any content with an excessive amount of errors and editing needed will not be published.


5) We reserve the right to decide against publishing an article for any reason regardless if a final draft was completed.


6) The article must be NO LESS than 750 words. No Exceptions. 

Please send your inquiry to HeatherGrace (at) ThePumpingMommy (dot) com.
You can send completed drafts for review or topic ideas. I accept both!
I look forward to hearing about the ideas you have for an article and working with you!
Heather Grace
Author of The Pumping Mommy
The Pumping Mommy is a blog dedicated to the support, education, and awareness of breastfeeding, pumping, and motherhood. Please note that any guest post submissions that do not follow the topic of breastfeeding, baby, or motherhood will not be considered and a reply may not be giving (I typically delete irrelevant requests, sorry).