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I don’t write too often about Motherhood in general unless it involves sticking a baby to your boob, but it really should come with a manual!

I can’t tell you how isolating motherhood can feel at times.
We really do need a ‘Village’ as moms to help keep our sanity.
If you are looking for free parenting courses online, I can tell you they can be hard to find. At least good ones…
Well since this topic is so big with moms and good advice can sometimes be hard to come by, I wanted to share this FREE resource with all of you.
The Mom Conference 2017 is about to start! I attended this conference in the past and it is amazing! 
I just got wind that it’s coming back so I had to share it with all of you.
And it’s free, so win, win, right?

The Mom Conference 2017 is October 17, 18, & 19th!


What is the Mom Conference?

The Mom Conference is three full days of personal online interviews with TWENTY of your favorite speakers, authors, and bloggers.
It is virtual so you can watch from your computer or phone at your leisure.


Why Attend?

There are so many hard situations as a mom that you wonder if you are handling things the right way. Sometimes all we need is a paradigm shift or better tools.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to learn practical solutions to the hard stuff that motherhood throws at you. 

During this 100% FREE online conference, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get out of the rut of yelling, nagging, and reminding to get your kids to listen
  • Minimize sibling rivalry
  • Manage your time effectively so you can have time for what’s important to you
  • Keep your kids safe online
  • Effectively manage depression and anxiety
  • The best of the best mom hacks to help you keep up with a busy household
  • Live a more intentional and joyful life (and teach your children to do the same)
  • And much more!

Who is Speaking?

Here is a list of some of the incredible presenters:

  • Dr. Laura Markham, Clinical Psychologist, bestselling author and discipline expert at Aha Parenting
  • Ruth Soukup, NYT Best-Selling Author and Founder of Living Well, Spending Less
  • Amy McCready, parenting expert, TODAY Show Contributor, author and creator of Positive Parenting Solutions
  • The Bucket List Family, Full Time Traveling Family, @bucketlistfamily with a community of over 600,000 followers
  • David Burns, expert on anxiety and depression, NYT Best Selling Author, 5 Million Copies Sold of His Book


If you are planning on registering, now is a good time since they are offering a FREE GIFT (a free guide) as soon as your registration is complete.

Participate ONLINE and be inspired October 17, 18 and 19th!

How to Attend

It’s easy to sign up, just do the following:
  1. Register to attend for FREE, here!
  2. Watch Your EmailOnce you’re registered, each day of the conference, you will receive an email with the link to that day’s presentations. There will be 6-7 presentations for each day. You have 24 hours to watch each presentation.
  3. Attend the conference when you receive the link and enjoy!
There are a lot of great presentations to look forward to over the course of the three days, so sign up as soon as possible to see a preview and stay informed.
Join over 75,000 moms around the world and come away armed with powerful new strategies for everything from managing your time to meal planning to finding more joy in motherhood.
Like I said, I’ve attended this event in the past and it was a HUGE help.
I am most excited to listen to the course on sibling rivalry and staying calm as a mom because, with 3 and 6-year-old brothers, my life is full of “He hit me!” “He called me names!” “That’s mine!” ugh.
What are you looking forward to learning the most?
See you there!
Heather Grace
The Pumping Mommy

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