Fourth Trimester Summit Still Going on!

Hello, Mommies!

fourth-trimester-summitThis is a reminder that the amazing FREE event called the Fourth Trimester Summit is still going on right now and you can still join if you haven’t already!
If you are not familiar with the Fourth Trimester Summit, then let me enlighten you. This is a FREE event running until the 18th, where you will hear from 40+ experts on a variety of topics that pertain to those first few months after delivery.

Great for pregnant or moms with an infant! But even if you have questions about breastfeeding, pumping, sleeping, etc this summit is still great!
Click the SIGN UP button below to sign up now! Don’t miss another day of this amazing summit!

What topics can you expect?

1. What a proper latch looks likes
2. How to transform from couple to parents
3. When your baby’s first developmental leaps will take place
4. How to go non-toxic in your home
5. The benefits of chiropractic care for mom and baby
6. Cosleeping benefits
7. Going diaper free from birth
8. Pumping hacks and how to advocate for pumping at work
9. How to overcome insecurities of a forever changed body
10. Impact of the maternal-infant bond on health and happiness
11. The real deal on postpartum mood disorders
12. How to calm a fussy, crying baby
13. Babywearing and what will work best for you
14. Which baby sign language signs to start with
15. Best foods to eat to facilitate healing
16. How to be an empowered mom

fourth-trimester-summitDon’t Miss the FREE Giveaways!

One of the best things about the summit (besides the tons of tips and knowledge you gain) is the free giveaways! They give away $2500+ in prizes and stuff!
You can put your name in for a chance to win after each live video (up to 48 hours after it airs). So make sure to participate in as many as you can to win!

Click the Image Below to Sign up!

http://Fourth Trimester Summit

I hope many of you are able to attend! This summit is fantastic.

I would love to hear feedback from any of who are able to watch some of the summit so shoot me an email at and let me know what you thought!
~Heather Grace
Author of The Pumping Mommy

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