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So picture this –

Your baby cries in the middle of the night and wakes you up at God knows what hour. You sit up and search for the floor to stand up as you are still in the stupor of sleep. You start fumbling your way to your baby’s bassinet, half tripping only to give up when you can’t find it and reach for the light. You switch on the light and groan at how bright it is. It takes several more minutes for your eye to adjust and for you to grab your baby and start your nighttime nursing routine. Only now you are annoyingly wide awake after being blinded and find it difficult to put your baby back to sleep without turning off the light which you now need to see where to lay your baby and find your way back to bed…

Sound familiar?

I struggled with this after having my first baby. I must have had my husband try 100 different light bulbs in my bedside lamp to try and make it dimmer. Everything was just too bright. Even the lowest setting on our room dimmer was blinding. I hated being up several times where I had trouble falling back to sleep. I would finally go to sleep and what seemed light minutes later, my baby was up again.

A friend suggested I try this nightlight out that is made specifically for nursing in the dark. I immediately wanted to give it a try!

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About the Nighty Night Nursing Light

breastfeeding-during-nightThe Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light is one of my favorite finds as a nursing mom.

It is a night light with a lightweight clip that you can wear clipped to your bra strap. It gives a really soft glow which is perfect for the middle of the night. It’s enough light to allow you to see your baby but not so much that it disturbs your baby or you. 

It is turned on by a simple push of a button so no fumbling with it in the dark.

When I first got it, I thought I would test it in a dark room and see how it is. I went into the bathroom since there are no windows (it was the middle of the day) and I was slightly disappointed as it seemed too soft… But I gave it a try anyway. That night I was pleasantly surprised that with my eyes adjusted to the dark, the night light gave off the perfect amount of light. I had no problem seeing my baby or what I was doing.

The clip is nice too since you can position it wherever you like. I often wore it on the opposite side to where I was nursing my baby just so the light wasn’t right in his face.

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Handy Vibrating Alarm


Comes in Two Colors: Pink and Blue!

One really cool feature of the Nighty Night Nursing Light is the vibrating alarm. You can set the alarm for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. It gives a slight vibration when the time is up. 

This is actually my favorite feature of this product. Don’t get me wrong the nightlight is amazing but the alarm was super helpful. Being that I was so exhausted (I am not a morning person so being woken up in the middle of the night was hard for me) I often lost track of time or forgot what time I started feeding my baby. Since I wanted to switch sides after 20 minutes, it became a guessing game. 

To make matters more confusing, I often dozed off while feeding only to wake up and have no idea how long I have been sleeping while my baby happily nursed.

Being able to set the timer for 20 minutes really helped me to know when to switch sides. It makes nighttime nursing completely dummy proof. And trust me, in that state I needed all the help I could get! 

The vibration of the alarm woke me up more times than I can count. 

Great addition to this already great product!

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This is one of those baby products that I buy for my friends for their baby showers. It is something you don’t think about until you are in the thick of it. It is super cheap too so that helps! This is great for bottle feeding and exclusively pumping moms too so don’t think it’s just for nursing. 

Another tip- After I was done nursing, I kept the light clipped to a shelf in my son’s room and use it when he woke up at night so I could change his diaper or check on him without turning on his light. It still served a great purpose! 

The best place I have found to buy the Nighty Night Nursing Light is from Amazon. They have the best price I have found. 

Have you used the Nighty Night Nursing Light? Share your nighttime nursing struggles here by leaving a comment!

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