Breast Pump Parts – You Want it? We Have it!

pump-partsHave you ever wondered around in a store and looked at baby items? Feel overwhelmed? Don’t know a flange from a membrane? Or maybe I just confused you with that last question?

Well, take a deep breath. I got you. Here is a complete list of pump parts and accessories and where to buy them so you never have to set foot in the maze and mess we call a store.

Breast Pump Parts – What are they?

When you buy a breast pump, no matter the brand, there are a few standard items you will want to get extras of for a few reasons –

  1. Things like valves and tubing should be replaced every so often on most models.
  2. If you will be pumping often, you will want several sets of parts so you don’t have to wash and sanitize the parts 100 times a day.
  3. Have some extras on hand “just in case.” I have a Great Dane and she actually chewed on a flange one day. Backups are a beauty of a thing to have.

Before we get into actual products, let me give you a glossary of pump accessory terms so you don’t get confused:

  • medela-pump-partsTubing – This is simply a clear plastic tube that connects the pump motor to the flanges
  • Flanges – Also called breast shields, are the plastic, cone-shaped horns that fit over your breast
  • Valves – small plastic pieces that fit at the bottom of the flange that is fitted with a membrane to let the pumped milk fall into the collection bottle.
  • Membranes – The membranes are a little flexible plastic piece that attached to the valve. This creates suction. This is the most common item you will replace. A worn out membranes can actually affect the performance of your pump and have a direct effect on how much milk you pump.
  • Milk Collection and Storage bottles – The bottles that connect to the flanges to collect the milk while you pump.

Now that you are an expert, let’s get to it.

 Breast Pump Parts by Brand

I have created a page for each of the Brands listed below to help you navigate through the items you will need for your specific pump. Simply click on your Brand and shop away!


Click Here for MEDELA


Click Here for AVENT








Click Here for SPECTRA








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    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Gabrie,
      Spectra recommends the following timeframe for replacement parts:
      “Valve – the valve should last at least 3 months. If you are an exclusive expresser or express 6 or more times a day, we recommend replacing every 2 months

      Backflow protector – Round 3 piece one – should last at least 4 months. If the white membrane is sterilized it may stretch or become misshapen. This may not be visually noticeable, but it may stick to the backflow protector and/or reduce the suction of the pump.

      Backflow protector – Single piece for the Dew350 – should last at least 3 months. Replace if any moisture touches the protector or if the pink lines become blurred

      Tubing – does not require replacing

      Shield – does not require replacing”

      Personally, I found these guidelines to be fairly accurate. I used my pump quite often, though, so if you pump less than daily you might be able to stretch the parts a little longer.

      I have the links to the replacement parts for the Spectra at the bottom of this article: click here to see those.

      I am a Prime member with Amazon so I found the ease of ordering from there vs off Spectra’s site much more convenient. I hope this helps!!

  1. Heather Grace says:

    Thank you so much for your comment! I agree some of the accessories are almost as important as the pump parts! You will find the storage bags, ice packs, bottles, etc all under the Pump Brand pages linked. It’s a lot of products but as you pointed out, they are needed! Hope you find the list helpful and let me know if you see anything missing. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. jCamden says:

    Great start on your pumping accessories hun! You did a great job explaining what each item is, what it’s used for, how often it might need to be replaced, and everything else someone might want to know 🙂 I loved the pictures and the content was great! Some things I might add would be milk storage bags. I know it’s not a pump accessory but it’s an absolute necessity for any mom that is pumping. I also would consider adding an ice box for those times you might not have a refrigerator to store the milk. I know Medela sells one to store your bottles in. One other thing I might add is cleaning accessories. I don’t know about Avent but I know my Medela pump has a few that helps to keep the pump clean and in good working condition. 🙂 These are just suggestions though. Your content is already very good and I’m off to read the next two pages 🙂

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