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When you buy a new pump, one thing you may not have considered is how you going to tote that thing around.

A lot of moms are on the go these days and therefore opt to choose portable breast pumps so having a way to carry these pumps is a must.

Some breast pumps come with a pump bag but not all do and even if they did, you may find the included pump bag isn’t up to your standards.

If you decided to purchase a Spectra breast pump (excellent choice and my top recommendation, by the way!), you might have quickly realized that it does not come with a pump bag.

While the Spectra company website does give a few options, none are Spectra made bags.


The Spectra S1

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So what is the best pump bag for Spectra breast pumps?

When I first bought my Spectra Pump (I opted for the Spectra S1), I used a cheap plastic beach tote bag. It looked something like this:


This is a Beach Tote, my friends.

It was cheap and not very durable. Not to mention I looked very silly carrying this cheap beach bag around at my place of work.

I worked for a large bank.

The kind of place where you wear suits, dresses, skirts, and heels every day. Think stuffy executive kind of place. So carrying a beach tote bag stuck out like a sore thumb.

I quickly started looking for a more fashionable option. Some that didn’t scream “medical device!” or “I’m a slacker!” After a lot of searching, I finally found a brand that spoke to me.

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Spectra 2 fits perfectly in The Abby!

Sarah Wells.

If you are not familiar with Sarah Wells pump bag line, let me introduce you. Her bags look like purses and act as a multi purpose bag instead of just another pump bag.

She has many styles and colors to choose from. So if you need something more fancy (like I did), she’s got it.

If you want something more casual, she’s got it. Want a backpack? Yep, she has that too.


Top Reasons I Love Sarah Wells Pump Bags for the Spectra Pump

So why is Sarah Wells the best option for your Spectra Pump? Glad you asked! Here are my top reasons Sarah Wells is my go to for Pump Bags:

1- Space!!!!

Oh my goodness, these bags have a ton of space! While the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 pumps are lightweight, they aren’t that small. In a typical pump bag, they will take up quite a bit of space.

Most standard pump bags don’t hold a lot outside of the pump itself.

That leaves you to carry the pump bag, a purse, a lunch bag (if you work or go to school), a cooler to carry your milk in, and perhaps a smaller bag with your pump parts in (flanges, tubing, pumping bra, cover, bottles, etc).

You can see how quickly it all piles up. I was able to carry my Spectra pump, parts and accessories, ice pack and milk bottles (there is a foil lined pocket that acts as a cooler), wallet and other purse items, laptop, small cooler bag for my lunch, and a water bottle in my Sarah Wells bag.

It fit perfectly with room to spare!

Here is a great video that shows a small portion of what you can fit in this bag for you visual learners. You can see in one of the examples the Spectra S2 fitting comfortably into the bottom pocket.:

2- You Get What You Pay For!

We invest some good money in purchasing a breast pump. They aren’t cheap! You deserve to have a nice bag that not only properly fits your pump but also protects it.

One story I didn’t share above about my wonderful beach tote bag that I started off with was that I had a major accident happen when using it.

One day at work, I went to grab my beach tote to head to the Nursing Mother’s room to pump (it was to be my third pumping session of the day) and as soon as I picked it up off the floor from under my desk, I realized the flood was all wet and so was the bottom of the tote…

Apparently, I had failed to screw the top securely on the storage pouch that contained my pumped milk and it leaked everywhere!

I wanted to cry… I would have if I hadn’t been surrounded by so many adults. It was a mess.

Because the cooler I kept the milk in was sitting on top of my brand new Spectra S1, the milk leaked all over my precious pump…

Thankfully I was able to quickly dry it off and the pump still worked fine but I learned very fast that this tote wasn’t working out. I needed to store my milk separate from my pump. My Spectra S1 was too precious to let it go out that way.

My Spectra S1 was too precious to let it go out that way.


Inside of The Annie

One of the best features of Sarah Wells bags is the separate compartments for your items. There are two bottom zipper pockets- one for your pump and once for your milk that is foil lined and will keep the milk cool just like a soft cooler bag. So the milk is separated from all other stuff and is at the bottom!

There are two bottom zipper pockets- one for your pump and once for your milk that is foil lined and will keep the milk cool just like a soft cooler bag. So the milk is separated from all other stuff and is at the bottom!

Any spills will still be heartbreaking (it is called Liquid Gold for a reason) but at least it won’t be on top of all your other items like your expensive pump!

In addition to being practical with all the storage space, these bags are incredibly well made. 

My Medela tote bag started falling apart almost immediately. It does not stay shut as the Velcro quickly wore out so the top is always flapping around.

I have packed my Sarah Wells Annie bag full of stuff and even with all that extra weight the straps have held up, the zippers still zip, and bag continues to look great!

You might be paying a little more than a standard pump bag like the Medela one but trust me, Sarah Wells bags will outlast several Medela bags and then some!

You really do get what you pay for. You spent a lot of money on your Spectra pump so make sure you protect it with a quality bag!

3- Style!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, there is nothing like carrying around a nice looking bag to help a momma’s confidence. This reason doesn’t have much to do with the Spectra pump as much as it does YOU.

sarah wells-annie-breast-pump-bag

The Annie

If you are like me, then you have had some trouble adjusting to your new body. Going back to work was a struggle in more ways than one.

Frist, I didn’t fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes and had some baby weight to lose.

Second, my boobs were huge and made me feel a little self-conscious since I wasn’t used to this body I acquired.

Third, I was raising an infant. That alone comes with its own challenges like lack of sleep, no time for myself, the less is more mindset when it comes to things like makeup and hairstyles (cause who has time to spend 2 hours getting beautiful with an infant?), etc.

I just wasn’t feeling like I looked my best.

It might seem silly but a nice bag that looked great with whatever outfit I put on really helped me feel better. 

I am not at all materialistic but sometimes it’s the little things to help us moms transition and blend in a world where we are professionals and moms. And yes, we can be both.

So the Annie Bag did that for me. It brought me back some self-confidence. I hope other moms can find the same.

4- Helpful Accessories (they match too)!

One of my favorite accessories that Sarah Wells offers is the wet/dry bags called Pumperoos.

These amazing little bags are made to keep wet things contained so they don’t get other items in your bag wet.

Or just to organize things like pump parts so you can have a convenient place to store them.

Since the Spectra pumps do not come with anything for storage, having these little bags to put everything together really helps.

They have many designs and patterns that match their various bag styles so there always something that matches.

For less than $20, I think they are more than worth it! I bought two, one for my wet pump parts (I stored them in the foil-lined pocket so they stay cool after each pump session and I don’t need to wash them) and one for my milk storage pouches so we don’t have any issues with leaks again.

I highly recommend them. Click below to read more on the Pumparoos!


Pumparoo- Gray


Pumparoo- Black & White


Pumparoo- Navy


Pumparoo- Anchors

5- Options!

As a blogger, I come across so many moms who have completely different lifestyles, occupations, hobbies, etc than me.

I love it personally, as I get a glimpse into what other moms are doing and what that life might be like. One of my favorite things!

But with this comes different needs and styles.

While the Spectra breast pump might fit all our needs, we don’t all have the same style and that is what I love the most about the Sarah Wells line.

There is something for all of us.

The corporate mom, the sporty mom, the stay at home mom, the on the go mom, the work from home mom, the girly-girl mom, and even the military mom (yes, there is a uniform compliant bag).

So it doesn’t matter where you will be toting your Spectra pump to, there is a bag for it.

Outside of the style options, one thing to mention about the Sarah Wells bags is that because they look like a regular handbag, you can continue to use yours long after you are done pumping. I used mine for a diaper bag for a while and then a regular purse.

My bag gets a lot of use making the investment that much better!

Sarah Wells Bag Options

So what are some of the styles that Sarah Wells offers? Here is the collection:


sarah wells-annie-breast-pump-bag

The Annie- Metallic Pewter (Retired Spring 2016)


The Annie- Black (Retired)


The Annie- Brown (Retired)








The Kelly (Backpack)- Black & White


The Kelly (Backpack)- Military, Uniform Compliant


The Lizzy- Navy








The Lizzy- Gray


The Abby- Teal & Charcoal


The Abby- Pink & Navy








The Abby- Navy Stripped








Spectra S2 in The Abby- Nave Striped

You have made an amazing choice in the Spectra brand pumps and no matter where you plan to pump, I think all moms would agree that a nice looking pump bag is like a cherry on top!

The Spectra pumps will fit into all the Sarah Wells bags without issue.

A lot of bags have problems accommodating the Spectra because of the handle on the top of the pump. But the large pocket on the side of the Sarah Wells bags easily fits the Spectra.

So whether you are a mom working in an office, a military mom, a mom on the go, or just a mom who wants a nice bag, Sarah Wells is a great option!

As always, I would love to hear from you so leave me comment with any questions or stories if you already own a Sarah Wells bag!

Happy Pumping!

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  1. Katie says:

    Oh my goodness, these bags are so cute! To be honest I did not even know that they existed. I too do not have a bag that I can carry mine around in so I am forced to travel with my pump in a target plastic bag! I especially love the navy and white bag. I will definitely bookmarking your site, because I think I need this bag! Thanks again, its the little things that make us mammas feel special still:)

    • Heather Grace says:

      The Navy and White stripped Abby bag is my favorite too. Just love it! You definitely deserve an upgrade from the plastic target bag haha. And I completely agree that it is he small things for us moms. We give so much of ourselves that sometimes its nice to treat ourselves. Take care and I hope you enter into the Sarah Wells world over here!

  2. Martina says:

    This is a fantastic review on the Sarah Wells bag! I have a medela pump and it came with the unsightly medela pump bag. Its refreshing to see a bag that can be utilized for a long time, well after your pumping days have passed. When pumping, I am usually home, but still occasionally need to travel with my pump so this looks like a great way to do it. Since I am pregnant with number 4 (and I have had my medela pump since my first baby 4.5 years ago) I think I am in the market for a new pump. I will also look into the spectra pump as well (and these amazing bags!) Thanks!

    • Heather Grace says:

      I more than likely have the exact same “unsightly medela pump bag” haha. I have the Medela Freestyle and Pump in Style and the bags are just awful. I don’t think something could scream “medical device” more than those bags. I have the Spectra S1 as well (I am a hoarder of breast pumps haha) and I can tell you that I love it! After getting my first Sarah Wells bag (The Annie in Metallic Pewter), I love carrying my pump around. My Sarah Wells bag is amazing! I have my eye on the Navy Stripped Abby next. I love that bag! Congrats on baby no 4 and I hope you enjoy your Spectra/Sarah Wells combo (or should I say take the plunge) as much as I do!

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