Best Portable Breast Pump: Review of the Milk Genie


(Note: I was given a Pumpables Milk Genie to try free of charge. This review is based on my personal experience with that product and all opinions are my own. Please see our complete affiliate disclosure here for more information! Thank you for supporting The Pumping Mommy!)

**NOTE for those in the US – The Milk Genie is not currently available in the US (though they hope it will be soon). If you want a pump that is similar to the Milk Genie, check out the Spectra 9! This is an amazing pump by an amazing company! You can read about the Spectra 9, here! 

As a working and pumping mom, having the best portable breast pump is almost a must. 

There were times I pumped in some really strange places without access to a power source (hello, pumping and driving). A pain point of having a pump that runs off a battery (rechargeable or disposable) is that they seem to lack the same punch of power than when plugged in. So you gain the portability but lose the suction strength.

Another pain point for moms who need a portable pump is that they have to lug around this massive thing that weighs a ton. Most moms would prefer a smaller more discrete pump but that brings up concerns about the pump strength since it is a smaller unit… So where is the balance?

Well, my pumping friends, let me introduce you to Pumpables Milk Genie. A small, portable pump that boasts some massive pump strength. Too good to be true?


I was sent a Milk Genie several weeks ago to try out. I must admit I have taken my time reviewing this one. Not because I was reluctant to but because I truly thought that it was exactly that, “too good to be true.”

I put this little pump through the ringer to find out. So let me lay it all out there for you so you can decide for yourself if this tiny pump is up to a true Pumping Mommy’s standards!

About Pumpables Milk Genie

First, who is Pumpables? Well, according to their site, they are:

for moms, by moms. We understand all the pain points that pumping mamas face. We know it’s just too confusing trying to understand which parts go with what pump. We want to bring you pumping solutions that will make your life easier.

This company is made up of moms. Just like us. Who pump. Amazing, right? I always love the idea of trying products by other mompreneurs. First, because they tend to “get” what other moms want or need and second because I love supporting other moms.

So let’s talk about the Milk Genie.

The Milk Genie is a hand-held, portable breast pump with a built-in rechargeable battery to put it plainly. It literally fits in your hand (well, more like a large cell phone) and weighs about as much as my iPhone.


  • Portable unit with built-in, rechargeable battery
  • Super quiet motor
  • Option to double pump or switch to single pump
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Features Massage Mode and Expression Mode
  • Intelligent memory that allows you to record and save your preferred settings
  • Adjustable vacuum and speed
  • Three breastshield sizes to find the perfect fit
  • Closed system
  • Includes two nipples for the collection bottles
  • Max suction of 300 mmHg
  • Comes with double pumping kit (breastshields, valves, backflow protectors, milk collection bottles, tubes)
  • Includes two bottle nipples so you can feed directly from the collection bottles
  • You can purchase adapters for narrow neck collection bottles as well


Using the Milk Genie

Let me end the suspense and just flat out say that the Milk Genie has been by far one of my favorite pumps that I have tried to date. I seriously love this pump! I think you will too. There is a lot to love here. It is portable, strong, easy to use, easy to clean, etc, etc, etc.

I mentioned I put this little pump to the test and I am glad I did. I truly wish I had owned a Milk Genie back when I was working in a corporate setting. This would have been so very convenient.

With that said, let me tell you some specifics of why I love this pump (and in true, honest Pumping Mommy fashion, some things I didn’t quite love…didn’t hate, but didn’t love either).

Massage Mode and Expression Mode

The number one pumping mistake I see moms make is not using their pump settings correctly. To achieve a letdown and maximize the milk output of your letdown, you need to know how to work your pump. With that said, the Milk Genie has specific modes that help you do this. It makes it super, super simple and one of the best things about this pump.

Best-Portable-Breast-Pump-Review-of-the-Milk-GenieYou should start your pumping session out in Massage Mode – a quick-paced speed with lower suction (to mimic how a hungry baby starts out a feed).

Once your milk starts to let down or flow, you switch to Expression Mode – a slow, deep and strong suction (to mimic the deep suction when your baby is drinking once your milk lets down).

Then once the flow slows, you switch back to Massage Mode and start the process again until you have pumped for at least 20 minutes. You likely will achieve at least two letdowns during that time and hopefully, that magical third letdown.

The Milk Genie makes this process one hundred times easier by literally giving you a button to press to switch back and forth between these modes. No messing with dials. No guessing if you are using your settings correctly. It will give you the exact pattern you need each and every time.

You can still control the suction strength and speed, however, to fit what is comfortable but the pattern is built in for you. Love, love this and found the settings are spot on to make the most of your let down. This alone makes me love, love the Milk Genie. Well worth the price for how this pump works!

Memory Mode

Another amazing feature of the Milk Genie is that it gives you the ability to record your pump session so it can remember your settings and replay that mode automatically. I am going to be honest that I found this setting a little confusing at first. It was difficult to figure out how to record and play.

Once I did though, pumping was super easy as the pump followed that pattern automatically and I didn’t need to do anything but sit there. Best-Portable-Breast-Pump-Review-of-the-Milk-Genie

Every mom responds to pumping differently and if you have a preferred suction strength, speed, time you pump, etc being able to control all of that and have the pump automatically follow that pattern is huge. Think about how often you pump. How annoying is it to have to manually set the modes the way you want them each time?

The Memory Mode is a huge time saver and gives you the flexibility to do other things while pumping… like eat, or read, or play Candy Crush… or whatever. The point is you CAN be doing something else besides messing with your pump.


This is a super simple feature but it actually is one of my favorites. The screen automatically displays a timer that tells you how long you have been pumping. I have always suggested trying to pump a min of 20 minutes. Watching a clock or setting a timer on your phone is just another layer added to your pumping routine so having it automatically start on the pump screen was super helpful and a much appreciated added feature. 

I can tell by this alone a pumping mom designed this pump. 

3 Breastshield Sizes

Best-Portable-Breast-Pump-Review-of-the-Milk-GenieIn case you missed it, the Milk Genie comes with three breastshield sizes in every box.

I am a medium size kind of a girl but I know so many moms who get frustrated that after spending a lot of money on a pump, only to have to turn around and buy another attachment because they need a bigger or smaller sized breastshield.

Fitting a breastshield isn’t always an exact science either but a misfitting breastshield is the number one cause of nipple pain when pumping. So it may take trying out the different sizes to see which works best.

Your nipple should fit comfortably in the breastshield without being smooshed or too much space. A certified lactation consultant can always assist you in fitting a breastshield. 

But kudos to Milk Genie for including all three sizes!

Closed System

The Milk Genie is a closed system pump. Makes it much easier to keep clean and fewer parts to sanitize which is a win in my book!

You can read more about closed system pumps, here.

Quiet Pump Motor

The Milk Genie is marketed as being super quiet. It is quiet. I mean quieter than say the Medela Pump in Style or Ameda Purely Yours. But one thing I did notice that because it vibrates if you place it on a hard surface, it is not so quiet. I placed it on a towel or couch or some other soft surface and had better success that way.

I would say the Hygeia and Spectra are actually quieter. But the Milk Genie is one of the quietest pumps I have used.

Battery and Suction Strength

This is the one feature I wanted to test and test again because the stats claim a 300 mmHg max suction and I wanted to see how the battery power correlated to that. The battery was not fully charged when I received the Milk Genie. It was maybe half. So it will be a good practice to charge it fully when you first get it.

The suction strength stayed the same when the Milk Genie was plugged into a power source versus when the battery was fully charged. I did not see a difference in suction until the battery reached below half.

Even then it was minimal. As the battery drained, it did continually get weaker. But I was super impressed with the Milk Genie’s ability to maintain its suction strength!

The battery life claim is 3-hours. I would say that it did last about that long.

The suction strength decreasing with the battery level is very standard for portable pumps and is unavoidable. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your pump, it is good to keep it fully charged when you can. But the Milk Genie is one of the best portable pumps I have found in that regard.

Power Cord

Okay, this is going to seem super trivial but for me, the power cord is a touch too short. I remember in my office’s pumping room, for example, the power source was behind a side table and you needed some slack when plugging in your pump. This cord would have been too short for that.

Of course, the idea is that it is portable and you don’t need a power source but given you want to pump on max battery power, the option to run it to a power source and have some slack would be nice. The cord seems to be about 3-4 feet in length.

I could and would have been able to just charge my pump between pumping sessions and the cord likely would not have been an issue but wanted to point this out for my picky mommas. You’re welcome. But not a deal breaker in the slightest since it works great without being plugged in.


I was surprised that a manual was not included in the box with my Milk Genie. Though this is 2017 so maybe it’s not surprising… Pumpables has all of their manuals online which honestly is great considering you always need the manual when you are away from your pump box. I also never know where to store all these manuals so having it digitally downloaded works great for me!

You can find the manuals here. I highly suggest you read through it and learn how to record your memory mode. Your pumping life will be so much easier!

Compatible with my Favorite Accessories


Kiinde Twist Feeding System

I was thrilled that the Milk Genie fits some of my favorite pumping accessories.

I was able to use the Kiinde Twist bags easily with the Milk Genie using the wide mouth attachment.

I also used my hands-free pumping bra, the Clip and Pump and the breastshields fit easily into it. I love using these two accessories so it was big that the Milk Genie fits both of them!

Pump Bag

I wanted to mention too that the Milk Genie does not come with a pump bag or carrying case. The great thing about this pump, it that you could get away with putting the pump and attachments into your purse.

But if you are short on space in your purse, you may need to purchase a pump bag.

Getting one with a built in cooler works well and cuts down on the amount of bags you need to carry. Click here to see one of my favorites!


After using and testing so many breast pumps, it can be hard to impress me these days. Most pumps end up looking, feeling, and functioning the same. But I am definitely impressed with the Milk Genie! What I absolutely love about the Milk Genie is that it brings some new things to the table:

  • It’s size (very small)
  • It’s strength (300 mmHg- need I say more?)
  • The look (cute and sleek design)
  • Comfort (one of the more gentle pumps I have used)
  • The ease of the settings (really, it’s so easy to use)

I have been able to yield more milk using the Milk Genie about the same as my Ameda Purely Yours. This tiny pump packs a big punch!

If you are a mom on the go, consider this pump. It is a great option and will fit into your busy life style. Not to mention the price tag is significantly lower than many pumps like it. 

If you want pricing and information on where to buy the Milk Genie, visit Pumpables website, here!

**NOTE for those in the US – The Milk Genie is not currently available in the US (though they hope it will be soon). If you want a pump that is similar to the Milk Genie, check out the Spectra 9! This is an amazing pump by an amazing company! You can read about the Spectra 9, here! 



What do you think of the Pumpables Milk Genie? Drop me a comment below!

Happy  Pumping, Mommas!

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  1. Dilla Restu Pratiwi says:

    Dear Heather, does Pumpables Milk Genie have frequency function just like Motif Duo breastpump (it’s rebranding to Motif Duo in the US)? It’s like a hiden function that nobody knows except she reads the manual thoroughly. To check frequency function, in expression mode (whatever level 1-10), hold the plus button for 1 sec, frequency level will change from C1 (Cycle 1) to C2 (Cycle 2) and C3 for maximum frequency. About frequency function, Momma Alia has explained in her motif duo review in the minute of 06:57. I need to know if pumpables has frequency function too. It will make decision which one I’m gonna buy. I like pumpables coz it’s in blue colour. Thank you so much for your reply. Dilla.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hello Dilla,
      I have actually tested this function with the Milk Genie, and no it does not have a frequency function. That seems to be specific to the Motif Duo. I hope that helps! And also, just to clarify, the Milk Genie and the Motif Duo, while similar pumps are actually made by two completely different companies. They are not the same pump (though I will admit at first I thought they were). So there are slight differences! Thank you for your comment!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Joanne,

      UPDATE to this Issue: The Milk Genie is NOT available in the US as of right now. They hope it will be back on the Market soon. I will update this post once it is available for purchase in the US. I would suggest looking into the Spectra 9 as an alternative! This compact pump has a lot of power and I think you will love it. You can read my full review here!

      Thank you for letting me know you are having this issue! This might be a temporary “out of stock” issue as the Milk Genie has been quite popular. I have sent a message to my contact at Pumpables regarding the issue and will get right back to you! Since it’s the weekend, I expect to hear back early this coming week. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention as this is a new issue! Hold tight!

      • Julia says:

        I use a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump. It works great but it is not portable whatsoever. I am tired of being chained to an outlet for every pumping. I’m looking for something that will give me a little more mobility. I have seen a few of your reviews for portable breast pumps. In your opinion, which one do you think is the best for someone who lives in the U.S.?
        Thank you!

        • Heather Grace says:

          Hi Julia!

          This is a great question. If you were using the Medela Symphony because of low milk supply, then you will want something stronger than the Milk Genie. The Milk Genie is a great pump for moms with an established supply but there are stronger pumps for moms who need it out there.

          Two pumps that I would suggest you look at are the Medela Freestyle and the Spectra S1.

          The Freestyle is smaller than the S1 and will fit into your purse. The S1 is bigger and will require a pump bag to carry it around but it is slightly stronger (not by much 280 mmHg vs 250 mmHg) but is also a little cheaper than the Freestyle. But both will give you a strong pump that you can carry around without having to plug it in.

          Here is a list of some other pumps I recommend for moms who work or need to pump on the go. It might help as well! Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

    • Heather Grace says:

      That’s awesome! Thank you for dropping your feedback. I am thrilled to meet other Milk Genie users. I have had a few moms mention this pump to me in the past but I had not tried it first-hand. So glad I was given the opportunity. I think this pump will become a favorite among many pumping moms. And I am obsessed with my hands-free pumping bra, so it’s a deal breaker when pumps don’t work well with it haha. Thank you for your comment, Lauren!

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