Best Breast Pump – Review of 6 Different Pumps for all Moms


Choosing the right breast pump can be tricky.

But trust me, this is one item you do not want to compromise on. You need to choose an appropriate pump for your specific situation. It will make your life 1000% easier in the long run.

If you plan to exclusively pump or will be returning to work, a good quality electric double pump is the way to go.

Planning to just use a pump every now and again and are concerned about price, then a cheaper brand or manual pump might be what suits you.

Here you will find what I consider the 6 BEST breast pumps for all situations. So look no further!


Best Breast Pump – Review of 6 Different Pumps for all Moms

1 – Medela Pump in Style Advanced 


Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Best Price Amazon

Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms and exclusively pumping.

Product Summary – This double electric pump is portable and perfect for using every day. The pump can be taken out of the case so it is versatile if you find a pump bag you like better.

It can be plugged in or run on batteries which are very convenient for times you are away from a plug. It has 2 phase expression technology designed to give you more milk output each session so it’s quick to do the job. One of the best-rated pumps on the market.

My Overall Opinion – LOVE this pump. I personally own this one. I used and abused it multiple times a day for over a year with each of my boys and it’s still kicking.

Fantastic choice for any mother who needs to use a pump extensively or just for the convenience of having an efficient pump. Can’t go wrong with this pump! Get your Medela Pump in Style here!

Read my Full Review of the Medela Pump In Style, Here!

2 – Spectra S1


Rating – 5 out of 5

Best Price Amazon

Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms and exclusively pumping and Moms with Low Milk Supply.

Product Summary – The Spectra S1 is an amazing pump! It is by far one of my personal favorites.

It is a hospital strength pump that is super comfortable to use. It features a built-in rechargeable battery, digital screen and is the perfect pump for moms who need help maintaining their milk supply while working or exclusively pumping. 

My Overall Opinion – You will be hard-pressed to find a personal use pump that is better than the Spectra S1. Not only is this pump strong and great for increasing your milk supply but it is very, very affordable. 

The Spectra S1 is a fantastic pump that should be on your very short list when it comes to breast pumps!

You can buy the Spectra S1, here!

Click here to read my FULL Review of the Spectra S1!

3 – Ameda Finesse


Rating – 4 out of 5

Best Price Amazon

Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms and moms on the go!

Product Summary – The Ameda Finesse is a light-weight, personal use double pump that has the option to run on batteries making it very easy to haul around. 

It features the technology and pump rhythm of the Ameda hospital grade pump, the Ameda Platinum. This makes the Finesse very comfortable to use and very efficient!

It comes with a ton of accessories including a tote bag making this a great option for moms who are on the go!

My Overall Opinion – I love my Ameda Finesse! The pattern of the rhythm of the pump is very unique. It feels more like a gentle pull (like a baby nurses) vs a tug like some other pumps. It is very gentle! 

This pump is great for moms who do not have supply issues and need a light-weight portable pump to use on the go. Its small, light, and easy to use.

You can buy the Ameda Finesse, here!

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4 – Medela Sonata



Rating – 5 out of 5

Best Price Amazon

Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms, moms on the go, exclusive pumping moms, and moms with low milk supply!

Product Summary – The Medela Sonata. If you have not heard of Medela’s newest pump, then you are missing out!

The Sonata is a hospital grade strength pump that features the same technology and strength of the hospital grade monster, the Medela Symphony. 

Medela describes the Sonata as a smart pump and this is exactly what it is! It features a digital touch screen with tons of settings and features. It connects to Medela’s MyMedela app to track pumping sessions

My Overall Opinion – The Sonata is one of the BEST personal user breast pumps I have ever used.

It is strong, portable (built-in rechargeable battery), has tons of settings, is very comfortable!

I highly recommend this pump especially if you plan to be pumping often. It is AMAZING!

You can buy the Medela Sonata, here!

Click here to read my FULL Review of the Medela Sonata!

5 – Spectra 9

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Best Price Amazon

Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms and moms on the go!

Product Summary – The Spectra 9 is one of the more portable pumps making this a great option for moms who need to pump on the go a lot or if you don’t have space to store a massive pump.

It is only about the size of a cell phone but packs a big punch! It features a digital screen with let down mode, is a closed system, and maxes out at 260mmHG which is a strong pump.

My Overall Opinion – The Spectra 9 has everything you love about Spectra pumps packed into a tiny package. 

This is by far one of the best portable pump on the market and is a great option for moms who need a good, strong pump but need the option to have it fit in their purse. 

I have been very surprised by the Spectra 9 and wish I had one when I was traveling for work! 

The Spectra 9 can be hard to find as it goes in and out of stock frequently. So you have to jump on it when it is available! 

You can buy the Spectra 9, here!

You can read my FULL Review of the Spectra 9 here!

6 –  Medela Harmony Manual Pumpbest-breast-pumpRating – 4 out of 5

Best Price Amazon 

Best used for – Pumping rarely or as a backup pump or mom who needs more control over pumping rhythm

Product Summary – Medela Harmony is boasted as the #1 best-selling manual breast pump.

It is lightweight and portable and has 2 phase expression technology. The handle is a soft-touch, ergonomic design to make pumping more comfortable. It is also compatible with any PersonalFit Breast Shields so if you already own some, no need to purchase another set.

My Overall Opinion –  Some moms swear by manual pumps.

If you are set on getting one, then this is by far the best-rated product on the market. It’s best for moms who only want to pump every so often or as a backup pump.

If you will be using your electric pump daily (working or exclusively pumping), I do recommend having a backup option and for the price, the Medela Harmony is a perfect pump.

Personally, I had to run to the store one day while at work when I realized my AC adapter for my pump was at home… I would by far recommend this manual pump over any other.

You can Buy the Medela Harmony, here!

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more options for moms who need more price points and features to fit their lifestyle!

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Amela-purely-yours-pumpRating – 3.5 out of 5
  • Best Price Amazon
  • Best used for – Everyday use. Good for working moms and exclusively pumping.
  • Product Summary – This pump is extremely lightweight and relatively quiet. One feature that is great is that it has a cooler with an ice pack and 6 storage bottles that fit right into the tote bag with the pump. So no need to carry an extra cooler around with you. You can customize the flange size with this pump too versus having to purchase different sizes like with most pumps. You can control the speed and suction separately and there are three power options- AC power, battery, and car adapter.
  • My Overall Opinion – This is a fantastic pump option, especially for the price. One common complaint and the reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is that the suction can be inconsistent on some models. But Ameda’s customer service is great and seem to resolve customer’s issues. Another thing I love is that this pump is a closed system meaning breast milk can’t get inside the unit like with other pumps. That ensures no mold. If you are looking for a good pump at a great price then this is for you! Get your Ameda Purely Yours Pump here!

 Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands-Free Pump

  • best-breast-pumpRating – 3 out of 5
  • Best Price Amazon
  • Best used for – Everyday use, good for working moms and exclusively pumping
  • Product Summary – The Freemie Freedom is a double electric pump that allows you to pump with your shirt on. Mind blown? Well, it’s true. The “Freemie cups” just slide right into your bra and you discretely can pump away just about anywhere. Though it’s not said to be the quietest pump so maybe not everywhere. The pump comes with two different flange sizes so you can choose what best fits. One drawback to this pump is there is only one setting. You can’t control the speed of pumping but some moms don’t mind that.
  • Overall Opinion – I love the hands free option with this pump. It is also VERY affordable for a double electric pump so if you are working on a budget this is an option. One observation though about the ease of just slipping the Freemie Cups into your bra is that you will end up with the 80’s Madonna look (coned shaped breasts). So I’m not sure it’s something you would do in public or not (unless you dig the Madonna look, then by all means, go right ahead). I also LOVE the fact the Freemie Cups are compatible with other pumps (Medela Pump in Style models, Symphony, Lactina, Ameda Purely Yours, Hygeia Enjoye, Q, Philips Double Electric, Lucinacare Melodi, NUK Expressive). How cool is that!? Pick up a Freemie Freedom pump today or if you decided on a different pump then Get your Freemie Cups here!

 Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

  • best-breast-pumpRating – 3.5 out of 5
  • Best Price Amazon
  • Best used for – Everyday use. Moms on the go, working moms.
  • Product Summary – This pump is great for those who need something on the smaller size. At about the size of a pint of ice cream, this pump does a big job without being big and bulky. The pump starts out in a gentle let down speed then offers three additional speeds that you can control on your own. One feature that users rave about is the comfortable and cushy plastic inserts that go into the flanges. Certainly makes for a great and comfortable pumping experience. Good for those sensitive to the suction of other pumps.
  • My Overall Opinion – This is a great pump for those who are on the go. The suction isn’t said to be quite as strong as some higher grade pumps so might not be the best option for someone who needs to use a pump multiple times a day. Another thing about this tiny pump is its motor is quite noisy. I love the discrete carry case which could pass for a laptop bag. Great pump choice overall! Get your Philips Avent Double Electric Pump here!

 Medela Swing Breastpump

  • best-breast-pumpsRating – 3 out of 5
  • Best Price Amazon
  • Best used for – Occasional pumping
  • Product Summary – The Medela Swing Breastpump is a single electric pump. Its light and compact and easy to carry around especially with is optional straps. This pump is a good option for a mom who pump occasionally and wants the convenience and ease of an electric pump but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. Despite its small size, the pump is quite effective and it has 2 phase expression technology. It has two power options- AC Adapter and batteries which make it a great “on the go” pump.
  • My Overall Opinion – The is a great price for an electric Medela pump but the fact that it is a single pump is what I struggle with. Perfect for using every now and again but NOT for someone who will be spending a lot of time pumping. If you plan to be besties with your pump for extended periods of time, then save your sanity and put out the extra cash for a double electric pump. But overall this is a great pump that you will be happy with and has the same great performance of a Medela Brand pump. Get the Medela Swing, here!

So there you have it! 6 great pumps (and a few extra!) that fit all needs and pumping situations. These are all great products.

You will find both negatives and positives for all purchases that you make. What is important is choosing the style that best suits your needs.

Have you seen a pump not featured in this post you want to have reviewed? Leave me a comment on this page and let me know!

Visit our Breast Pump Review Page for a full list of all the pumps I have reviewed and find your perfect match!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I received an Evenflow Double Electric Pump through my insurance. Based on all the reviews, I really wanted a Medela but apparently the supplier ran out and don’t know when they will get more. I don’t see any reviews about the Evenflow. The only advantage I have seen is that it is a closed system. Are you familiar at all with this pump?

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Sarah,
      The Evenflow is on my list to review and yes, I am familiar with it! Here are some Pros and Cons.

      1 – comfort: They have soft inserts for the breast shields that come with the pump. This can really help someone who is sensitive and I have heard that mothers with larger nipples find the breast shields more comfortable than most pumps.
      2 – Closed system: As you pointed out, it is closed system which makes it easier to keep clean and prevents any mold from building up in the pump motor.
      3 – Price: For those who need to purchase a pump, it is on the affordable side compared to other double electric pumps.

      1 – Pump Strength: While it will get the job done just fine, it is not as powerful as some better pumps on the market. Interestingly, it is listed as having a max strength of 250mmHg but there are many reviews that report this pump didn’t seem to have the same strength as others like the Medela. This will effect Moms who don’t respond well to pumping the most.
      2 – Noise: This pump is quite loud. One of the louder pumps I have reviewed. So not the best if you need to pump discreetly.

      Overall, it is not a bad pump. Not the best on the market but it is decent and will get the job done. I would go with it and see how it works for you. Many moms love the Evenflow and find it to work perfectly for them. If you find that you aren’t pumping enough even after working to increase your supply, then you may need a stronger pump like a Medela or Spectra. I hope this helps! Thank you for your comment and let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!

  2. Raquel says:

    Good reviews Heather! Helpful for moms who can’t decide which is which. I love my Medela swing pump and I also have a manual pump. Both are lightweight and easy to clean. They also manage to get a lot from each breast. I think its nice to have a manual pump as an alternative.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Thank you and I completely agree that having a manual pump as an alternative is a must. I have never personally used the Medela Swing and am so glad you stopped by to sings its praises. I have friends who use it and love it! So thank you!

  3. Carmen says:

    Hello Heather,

    Like you, I swore by the Medela Pump In Style when I had to balance a full-time job and my desire to continue breastfeeding my twin infants. The fairly lightweight tote bag made it easy to carry with all the accessories inside, and no one on the subway (or in my office) could tell what it was. I also purchased a hands-free breast pump bra from Simple Wishes, which was a much-needed convenience. Had I known about the Freemie pump back then, I might have considered it! I will have to share this post with my expectant mom friends. Thank you for making your review so easy to read – preparing for baby is complicated enough!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Carmen, The Medela Pump in Style is a fantastic pump! So glad to hear it kept up with your twins! How awesome! And you are so right that preparing for a baby is complicated enough. I went cross-eyed the first time I looked at pumps haha. I also wish I had known about the Freemie. So many options! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. John says:

    My cousin has been using one of these breast pumps for her last child. How easy is it to clean each pump after use. Do you have to take any thing apart, this will be one of the items that I would look at. I noticed that you stated that the milk does not go through the pump on some models, are there are other areas that milk can be trapped in that would be hard to clean. What other maintenance is required for each pump.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi John, The ease of cleaning for each pump is certainly something to consider. Most pumps on the market have the same basic parts with some variation – flanges, valves, tubes, and of course pumping bottles. A good bottle brush typically does the trick.

      As for the closed system pumps, this means the pump has an internal barrier that between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism so no milk can get inside and cause any bacteria or mold. Open system models do pose the possibility that milk can get inside the pump. It is basically impossible to clean the inside since you would need to take it apart. There is no known issue with having an open system pump though in fairness there aren’t any studies that have been held on it either. Diligent clean of the pump parts and frequent replacement specifically of the tubing can help.

      Outside of cleaning the parts and replacing some of the changeable items like the tubing and valves, there really isn’t a lot of other care that is needed. They are pretty self contained!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for asking! Open vs closed system pumps is a great topic that I just might blog about it! Thank you!

  5. Stephanie says:

    When I was a young mother I breastfed both of my children and I am thrilled that I did. I had problems with getting my new baby to latch on to my breast, so I pumped and then transferred the breast milk into the bottle. I did the same thing when I returned to work and would pump during my office breaks or lunch hour. Thank you for this awesome review of the breast pumps that are available on the market today for new moms.

    • Heather Grace says:

      Thank you for your comment, Stephanie. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to create this site was to help mothers find resources to make their breastfeeding journey easier. How wonderful you were so dedicated to continue to pump for your baby! It’s hard work for sure so I commend you for that! I am glad you enjoyed the review and thank you for taking the time to stop by! Take Care!

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