Best Affordable Breast Pump: Review of Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump


(Note: I was given a Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump to try free of charge. This review is based on my personal experience with that product and all opinions are my own. Please see our complete affiliate disclosure here for more information! Thank you for supporting The Pumping Mommy!)
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When it comes to the cost of breast pumps, most new moms can be shocked by the sticker price.

They are not cheap.

There are major brands that have been around for forever (ahem, Medela) but you are shelling out $300+ for a double electric pump. Yikes.

In the past, there were very few options outside of those major brands and the ones that did exist were not worth the money.

But times have changed!

One of the best parts of blogging about pumping and breastfeeding is being introduced to new brands and new products.

I was sent the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump by BabySteps to try and I was immediately surprised by the price because this is such an affordable breast pump!

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I was very curious to see if this pump was worth considering as a pumping mom

So let’s get to it!


Best Affordable Breast Pump: Review of Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump

When I opened the box of the Baby Steps pump, I was thrilled to see several features that you would see in some of the more expensive pumps.

Key Features

  • Double or Single Pump
  • Cushion Insert for breast shield for comfort while pumping
  • Closed System Pump
  • Very lightweight – only weighs 0.9lbs!
  • Two Milk Collection Bottles
  • Two Anti-Colic Slow Flow Bottle Nipples and Tops
  • Includes standard size bottle converter so you can pump into standard neck bottles
  • 2-Phase Models – Stimulation and Expression
  • Automatically switches from stimulation to expression
  • Ability to control suction on both left and right independently


Using the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump


The Baby Steps pump really surprised me in a lot of ways.

I found it very comfortable (the cushion insert for the breastshield is a great add), easy to use, and overall an efficient pump.

This pump would be best for a mom who needs to do some occasional pumping and needs a lightweight pump to take on-the-go or just wants less to store with their sea of baby items at home.

The fact this pump is so affordable really makes it a stand out to me.

Here are some of the key areas that you might be most interested in when it comes to the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump:

Amount of Milk Pumped

So how much milk did I actually pump with the Baby Steps breast pump?

This is really the core of what moms who read my reviews want to know so let’s get right to it.

The suction strength of this pump does feel quite strong and it took me a while to work up the suction as it was a little too strong at times.

I don’t have official numbers on the mmHg of the Baby Steps, but with 9 suction levels, it seems to have some power behind it.

With that said, I would probably compare this pump to my Ameda Purely Yours in terms of output.

I was able to pump about 8 oz in a 20-minute pumping session on average.

I also tried pumping right after nursing my baby to see how much it would pull down after my breasts were just emptied and I was pleasantly surprised to get about 3 ounces total. Not bad!


That is about an ounce less than what I can get with my Medela Pump in Style – a pump I consider a step up from the Ameda Purely Yours.

Overall, I felt this pump was very efficient.

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Stimulation and Expression Modes

This is by far my favorite feature of the Baby Steps pump.

I say it time and time again, that learning how to use your pump properly can make a big difference in how much you pump.

With technology, that process is becoming easier for moms.

The Baby Steps pump impressed me a lot in how it functions.

It is extremely easy to use.

You really just need to turn the pump on and it will automatically switch between stimulation and expression modes.


It starts out in Stimulation mode. This mode is a faster, lighter suction to mimic the way your hungry baby feeds when they are first placed on the breast.

There is a timer on the pump so you can monitor how long you have pumped for and after two minutes in Stimulation mode, the pump will automatically switch to Expression mode.

Expression mode is a slow, stronger suction that mimics the way your baby nurses once your milk has letdown and is flowing.

Once your milk slows again, you can switch it back to Stimulation with the press of a button and it will once again, switch to Expression after two minutes automatically.

The fact that the pump switches automatically from stimulation to expression is amazing! I was very impressed that it continued to switch back to Expression everytime I put it back into Stimulation mode.

If you are looking for an easy pump to use, this might be one of the easiest I have come across.

You can still control the suction strength and like I said, I had to turn it down in the beginning because the suction strength is strong.

But you can easily set it to your comfort level.

You can also control the pump suction of each side independently which is really cool.


Breastshield Cushion Insert

The breastshields come with a cushioned insert to help make pumping a little more comfortable.

They are really soft and I like that they are thinner than some of the other brands so they don’t take away from the fit of the breastshield.


There is also a cover for the cushion inserts. I loved this because of the material it would be easy for lent and stuff to become stuck to it while it is in your pump bag.

Be sure to remove the inserts when you wash your breastshields because milk does tend to get between the insert and the breastshield.


Compatible Bottles

The Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Pump collection bottles and bottle nipples are wide-mouthed.

I was able to pump directly into my Avent bottles and wide-mouth Dr. Brown’s bottles.

I have not tried the Spectra bottles but I would bet those fit this pump as well.

One cool feature that I failed to notice at first is that the milk collection bottle tops are actually two pieces.



You take them apart to reveal an adapter that allows you to pump directly into standard sized bottles like the Medela bottles.



I absolutely love that Baby Steps included this accessory!

Most pumps do not include adapters so this was a very pleasant surprise.

You really can pump directly into most bottles with this pump.

Bottle Stands

Another Accessory that I love that comes with the Baby Steps pump is the bottle stands.


The fact is that the milk collection bottles for any pump are top heavy due to the tubing, valves, etc.

Combine that with the fact that I turn into a complete spaz when it comes to bottles full of breastmilk and I have a recipe for disaster.

I have spilled my fair share of breastmilk collection bottles by them tipping over so having a place that I can safely secure the bottles while I unhook everything is huge.

The bottle stands are slim and do not take up a lot of space either so they still work great for moms who need to maximize space.

Part Assembly

This pump has a few extra parts specifically in the “Cap Combo.”

This is the part with the membrane and barrier where the tubing connects to.

After sterilizing my pumps parts, reassembling this part was slightly confusing.

They do have an instruction insert that was helpful in getting that part put back together but it was not the easiest to reassemble.

Other than that, the parts are fairly standard.

Using the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Pump on the Go

Because this pump is so lightweight, it is a good pump to use on the go or if you need less to carry.

The only issue I see with calling this a truly portable pump is the fact that it does not have the option to run off of a battery.

You have to use this pump plugged in.

In most cases, moms will have access to a power source so that may not be an issue.

But while I love this pump for busy moms since it is light to carry, I want to point out that you will need access to a wall outlet.


The Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump really surprised me with its unique cycling between the Stimulation and Expression modes.

Busy moms will be able to use this pump easily without having to fuss with the settings for max milk output.

The price is pretty amazing for what you are getting.

I have not found a pump this affordable that works as well as the Baby Steps pump.

If you are looking for a good pump at a great price that will give you the comfort and options of pumps that are hundreds more, consider trying the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump.

Baby Steps was very generous in offering The Pumping Mommy readers 15% off if you are looking to buy the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Pump but only for a limited time!

With the already affordable price of this pump, the discount makes this pump unbelievably low priced!

Here’s how to get the 15% off Discount:

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  5. Hit “Apply”
  6. Discount will show in your total
  7. Finish checking out and enjoy!

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I hope you enjoy the Baby Steps Independent Double Electric Pump as much as I have!

Have questions or comments? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Momcozy says:

    Thanks for this wonderful review. I find this pump very interesting. It seems like a really good pump and something I would consider as I am looking for a pump. It is very affordable! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi! Yes, I agree that the price of this pump makes it a very intriguing choice for moms who need a pump! I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. It is a very good pump option! Thank you for your comment and I am glad you found value in the review! Take Care!

  2. Joanna says:

    Thank you for the thorough review 🙂 How would you rate this compared to Milk Genie, Motif Duo, or Ameda Finesses? I’m mentioning these as all four are quite compact. I currently have Spectra S1 and looking for a more portable option for work and traveling. Thanks in advance!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi Joanna,

      The Baby Steps pump is a close comparison to the Motif Duo and Milk Genie in terms of output. I really like this pump and if you are using it occasionally since you already have the S1, the price tag will be quite attractive to you as well. It does not have the ability to run off of batteries though. You have to plug it into an outlet. If you will be in situations where you don’t have access to an outlet, you may not want to consider this pump.

      The Ameda Finesse is a step or two above this pump in my opinion. As far as pump performance goes, I think it has a leg up on the other three. But the Finesse also does not have a rechargeable battery. It does run off of batteries but it is not builtin. So something to think about. But I love mine and it is my pick out of the 4 you are looking into. But it’s pricier.

      The Milk Genie and Motif Duo are very similar but the Milk Genie was not available in the US as of right now (hopefully it will be soon!). They are both more compact than the Ameda Finesse (not by much though) but close to the Baby Steps in size.

      I think it comes down to what you will have access to for work and what your needs are for pumping (how old your baby is, how often you will need to pump, if you suffer from low milk supply, etc).

      All of these compact pumps are great for moms who have a well-established supply. The Ameda Finesse is my top pick of the four you listed because of its performance. If you just want a nice backup pump to your S1, the Baby Steps would be a very affordable and great option!

      If you suffer from low milk supply and have to do a lot of pumping, I honestly would get the Finesse. It will be worth the money!

      I gave you a lot to think about so if you have any follow up questions, I would be happy to answer them! Take care!

  3. Joanna says:

    How would you rate this compared to Milk Genie, Motif Duo, or Ameda Finesses? I’m mentioning these as all four models are quite compact. I have Spectra S1 and I’m looking for a more portable option to pump at work or travel with me. Thank you in advance for your response.

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