August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: Real Moms Share Their Stories

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

Bringing awareness to breastfeeding is so much more than promoting “Breast is Best.” The United States has one of the worst breastfeeding rates after 6 months postpartum in the world.

Breastfeeding mothers need support and information!

Here at The Pumping Mommy, we strongly believe that information is power and often what stands in the way of a breastfeeding mother meeting her breastfeeding goals.

So to help spread awareness and participate in National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, The Pumping Mommy will be bringing you real stories from moms who share their personal breastfeeding journey all month long!

These stories will touch on topics such as:

  • The Power of Bonding and Breastfeeding
  • Low Milk Supply
  • Breastfeeding a Premie
  • Breastfeeding Latch Issues
  • Tandem Nursing
  • Early Weaning
  • Breastfeeding a Baby with Allergies
  • and more!

Each week in the month of August, new stories will be posted, so check back often and follow us on Facebook for more info!

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: Real Moms Share Their Stories

Bookmark this page and check back throughout the month of August to read all of these amazing stories.

Breastfeeding can feel lonely at times. No two moms have the same exact journey.

We are told that breastfeeding is natural and that it should be easy, etc. Many moms find out that can be very, very far from the truth.

Sometimes breastfeeding is also hard, painful, full of doubt, frustrating, feeling of desperation, tears, etc. Are there some moms that have that perfect latch, no supply issues and breastfeed blissfully for 2+ years? Yes, of course!

But sometimes that is not the case and this series is to help bring awareness that not all breastfeeding journeys are perfect (and some are!) and that is okay!

So to the mom who has been sobbing from the frustration and the pain of nursing her new baby, the mom who has been pumping around the clock in hopes to increase her milk supply, the mom who has battled mastitis or thrush, the working and pumping mom, and the mom who is thoroughly enjoying her breastfeeding journey: This series is for YOU!

I hope these stories bring you comfort and information to help make this journey less isolating and you enjoy reading them as much as I have!

With Love,

Heather Grace

Find all the Breastfeeding Mom’s Stories, Here:

You will find all our mom’s stories here along with the date their story will be published! Just click on the image below to read the full story!

Note: If the publish date has not arrived, you will not be able to read the story yet. So check back throughout the Month of August!

Published Stories:





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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: Real Moms, Real Stories In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, read raw, real stories of moms and their breastfeeding journey! Join us for this amazing series!

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