Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Reviews

Ameda-Purely-Yours-Ultra-ReviewsPrice: $230

Where to buy: Amazon (on Sale now for $185!)

What you get:

  • Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump
  • Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System
  • Ultra Tote
  • Cool’N Carry™ Tote
  • CustomFit™ Flanges
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Car Adapter
  • 2 – Extra Valves (for HygieniKit)
  • Accessory Bag (for Parts)
  • 6 – Milk Storage Bottles
  • Ice Pack

My Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

What is the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump?

Ameda has been a trusted brand for quite some time. It was started over 80 years ago by a Swedish engineer named Einar Egnell whose life work was dedicated to helping breastfeeding mothers. It took him years to create the first comfortable and effective breast pump and he is also responsible for creating the vacuum and cycling standards that today’s lactation professionals use to judge breast pump quality.

Ameda has held onto Egnell’s standards and continues to provide mothers with innovative breast pump options.

Ameda-Purely-Yours-Ultra-ReviewsThe Ameda Purely Yours Ultra pump seems to reflect some of that. This is a decent pump at a great price. It is lightweight, relatively quiet, has multiple breast shield sizes for a more personal fit, and comes with a not-so-unattractive tote bag.

Another big win for Ameda with this pump is that it is a Closed System pump. This means there is a barrier between the milk collection kit and the tubes that lead to the pump motor. A closed system pump is easier to sanitize and eliminates the risk of mold growth from any moisture that may seep into the tubing or motor.

Despite some positive features, Ameda Purely Yours reviews are mixed. I like a lot of what this pump has to offer but I am not sure performance wise it is the best on the market. For a mom that wants a good pump to use on occasion for a low price, then this might be a good option.

Key Features of the Ameda Purely Yours

  • Ameda-Purely-Yours-Ultra-ReviewsSeparate speed and suction settings to increase milk flow and comfort.
  • The Purely Yours Ultra features 3 of the most commonly-needed breast flange sizes. Ameda’s CustomFit Flange SystemTM makes it easy to find a good breast flange fit by offering seven breast flange sizes.
  • The Purely Yours Ultra comes with a stylish, faux leather tote bag and a Cool ‘N Carry Tote.
  • Three power sources; AC adapter (included), 6 AA batteries (not included) and car adapter (included).
  • Closed System Pump – Helps protect breast milk from bacteria, mold, and viruses with proven airlock protection while pumping
  • Includes dual Hygienikit milk collection system
  • BPA-free
  • Lightweight and portable

One great feature of the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra is that it comes with three power source options – AC adapter, battery, and car adapter. That make this a very portable pump! You could use this pump anywhere and with it being so lightweight, it is not a pain to carry around.

The CustomFit Flange options stand out to me as well. Most breast pumps come with one size of the flange (or breast shield). As we all know, no one’s body is exactly the same, so only one size flange is not that helpful. This pump comes with THREE sizes and there are also four more that you can purchase separately. I think that will help most moms find a perfect fit for their body. Great feature!

Ameda-Purely-Yours-Ultra-ReviewsI did, however, take notice that the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra seems to have a lot of different parts to it. There are the collection bottles, flanges, diaphragm and connector pieces, tubing, etc. It is a lot to carry and a lot to clean.

I am not sure it being a closed system pump makes up for all those parts. In a Medela pump, for example, you have to clean and dry the tubing often since it is an open system pump, but there are not many pump parts and cleaning the tubing is a breeze… 

I also read reviews that complain that the suction and speed dials to control the pumping strength are cumbersome to get right. They look slightly flimsy and is a dial, not a digital control, so I can see why that would be the case.

Here is a great video that shows the features of the Ameda Purely Yours. It gives you a complete rundown!


What Moms are Saying About the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

Amazon reviewers gave the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra a 3.5-stars out of 5-stars. Moms who love this pump like the closed system, the three power options, and the versatility of the breast shield sizes. 

Most negative reviews centered around the pump’s lack of suction. I am not sure if this is just how the pump is or if some models seemed to just fail. I will say that it appears Ameda customer service is willing to replace pumps and work with customers on solutions rather than just saying “too bad.” I guess that is a positive but the lack of suction in my book is a big problem.





Pros and Cons of Ameda Purely Yours Ultra


Closed System Pump


  • Lack of consistent suction
  • A lot of parts 
  • Not the most comfortable pump per some reviews
  • Suction and Speed dials can be hard to set 


  • Closed system pump
  • Great price
  • Customizable breast shields
  • Different power options
  • Good sized tote that carried pump and cooler
  • Pump is small and lightweight

Bottom Line

Ameda-Purely-Yours-Ultra-ReviewsI have to admit that I ended up liking more about the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra than I thought I would. I had heard not so great things about this pump but after doing extensive research on it, I do feel it is a reliable option.

With the reviews being so mixed, I am hard pressed to call this pump “great.” I might call it “good.” It as some nice accessories and is a closed system pump but I think there are many other pumps on the market that outshine the Ameda Purely Yours. 

If you need a good double electric pump at a decent price and don’t plan to pump daily, then this is a great option. But if you are planning to pump multiple times per day, I would shell out the money for a better pump. 

I would recommend the Medela Freestyle, Medela Pump in Style or even the Spectra S1 for someone who will be doing a lot of pumping. 

Have you used the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump? Share your thoughts or questions here by leaving a comment!

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  1. Dmytro says:

    Hi Heather!

    We used Ameda pump because the machine itself is provided for free by our insurance company. So we definitely met the problem that membrane in pumping valves stop working after three to four weeks of intensive pumping and then you have to buy a new one. New valve costs about $25, you need two, so if you plan to breastfeed half a year you will have to pay around $300 for accessories. This double more than pump costs itself. Great business, Ameda!

    Kind regards,

    • Heather Grace says:

      Ameda is the pump my insurance provides as well. It is crazy when you see the cost of the parts on paper! I am a huge supporter of just shelling out the money for a Spectra pump or even Medela for that matter. I passed on the Ameda and paid out of pocket for a Spectra S1. Based on what you laid out per year, the Spectra is much cheaper! Thank you for sharing this. I love hearing from other moms about their experience with a pump!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Heather,

    I’m just looking out for some suggestions on breast pumps as I’m helping a friend of mine who has trouble in feeding the baby.

    Just saw your review on Ameda Purely yours Breast pump and I wanted to check with you why the rating of 6.5 and not 8 or 9? Are there any other products which work better?

    Please let me know as soon as you can.

    Thank you

    • Heather Grace says:

      My biggest issue with the Ameda pump is the consistent feedback/reviews from moms that the pump looses suction. It is an okay, maybe even a decent pump but there are many others on the market that are far better and more reliable. I would suggest the Spectra S1 or Spectra S2 or the Medela Freestyle or Medela Pump in Style as my top recommendations. Those are my 4 favorites at the moment.

      I tried to love the Ameda pump but in the end it just falls short.

      Thank you for your comment!

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