4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chia Seeds While Breastfeeding

reasons to eat chia seeds while breastfeeding

Guest post by Rachel Lee

Motherhood comes with so many responsibilities but every step of the way is certainly worth it!

And now that you’re a new mom, you are probably wondering how you can ensure not only your health but also the well-being of your little one.

The answer is simple – eat good quality, nutrient-rich foods that will benefit both you and your child.

This is why chia seeds while breastfeeding is a good way to go to make sure your body’s receiving all the amazing stuff from this popular superfood… And your baby will also benefit from it at the same time.

So what are chia seeds again and why are they good for you?

Cool Facts about Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are grown and harvested in the desert region of Southern Mexico.

It is a staple in the diet of people during the Pre-Columbian times, and it is still regarded as an essential food among health-conscious individuals today.

In fact, it is known as a superfood because of its nutrient-dense quality and outstanding benefits to the body.

These may seem like very small seeds but you will be amazed to find out that they are loaded with a good amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that support your overall health.

The 100% organic ones are even better as these are free from chemicals and harsh substances that harm your health.

They are great eaten as raw or sprinkled to your cooked meals, chia seeds are definitely an excellent addition to your daily diet.

4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chia Seeds While Breastfeeding

Nursing moms need to make sure they’re getting enough nutrients that will help them supply their babies with vitamins and minerals necessary for proper development.

This is why you should pay close attention to your diet and choose the foods you eat carefully.

It will be greatly beneficial if you consume foods that help with the production of breast milk. Seeds and nuts are good for this purpose but did you know that certain seeds are more effective in enhancing milk production than others?

This is what chia seeds are for – aside from being very rich in macronutrients, these are also amazing at promoting a better breast milk supply.

And another amazing thing about it?

You can eat it raw!

Here are some of the reasons for you to eat chia seeds while breastfeeding:

1. Get a good supply of fiber in your body.

Just a teaspoon of these seeds can give your body with a third of your body’s daily required dietary fiber.

This is important in ensuring proper elimination and promoting healthy digestion.

When your digestion is working efficiently, your body gets to absorb nutrients well. At the same time, elimination is important as this helps remove toxins and waste that do no good to your body.

With a fiber-rich diet, you can minimize the risks of constipation, IBS, and other medical conditions linked with a low fiber content in your daily meals.

2. Chia seeds are high in protein – great for healthy cells and organs.

You need proteins as these are building blocks of new cells and healthy tissues. Consuming a good amount of protein is also essential in ensuring the proper development of your little one’s cells, tissues, and organs.

This is why consuming chia seeds is ideal during lactation because of the excellent amount of protein per serving.

The plant proteins you get from chia seeds are easy to digest by your body. There are also fewer risks of being exposed to toxic wastes when you consume plant protein.

So, you can ease your worries about ingesting unwanted, harmful substances from chia seeds, particularly if these are from organic sources.

3. The minerals in chia seeds ensure the total development of your child.

Calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium are key minerals that contribute to your health, as well as to the well-being of your child.

For instance, calcium supports the healthy development of your teeth and bones while magnesium ensures healthy nerves.

To maintain the health of both your body and mind, eating foods that are rich in minerals is the best way to go.

Chia seeds while breastfeeding helps reduce your risks of suffering from hypertension.

These healthy seeds also improve your metabolic rate and keep your body weight within normal range. This is particularly important among moms who wish to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies without depriving themselves of the much-needed nutrients they need.

4. Chia seeds are packed with essential fatty acids that support brain function and development.

You need good fats to keep your brain, nerves, and immune system in excellent condition.

Chia seeds are loaded with good quality and healthy fats that your body needs to thrive.

For instance, these seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids that support the development of the immune system and the nervous system of your child.

Proper brain function is also ensured with the help of essential fatty acids in your diet.

So if you want to improve your child’s brain development while at the same time regulating your blood cholesterol levels, an intake of chia seeds, specifically one to two tablespoons of these seeds should be good for you.

Ways to Incorporate Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Chia seeds are indeed healthy foods that deserve to be a part of your diet.

Want to know how to add these nutritious seeds to your meals?

It’s easier than you think!

You can literally sprinkle, blend, and toss these nutrient-rich seeds to your drinks and dishes easily.

You can start your day with a power smoothie with your favorite fruits, greens, protein powder, and a generous amount of chia seeds. Just blend everything up in your blender or add a teaspoon of chia seeds before serving.

Another great breakfast that includes chia seeds is oatmeal or muesli with fruits and nuts tossed in. Yummy, filling, healthy!

Other tasty and nutritious meals that you can add chia seeds to are muffins, soups, cakes, and literally any kind of dish that could sure use a dash of nutrients, flavor, and aroma from these amazing seeds.

Final Thought

With all the benefit said above, why not to give chia seeds a try today and boost the nutrients your body receives to ensure your health and your baby’s excellent development.

Make it a habit to include these seeds in your shopping list and get them from reliable sources, preferably an organic health food store to further maximize the benefits you can get from chia seeds.

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reasons to eat chia seeds while breastfeeding

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