4 Amazing Ways to Use Baby Canopy Car Seat Covers – Review of Copper Pearl Canopy


There are many things that people don’t tell you about having a baby. A lot of it, unfortunately, you have to figure out on your own. One useful piece of advice would be preparing you for how much stuff these little people come with.

There is a reason a diaper bag is big enough to hold the state of Texas. You have to carry diapers, wipes, baby powder, rash cream (just in case of course), a changing pad, clothes for every type of weather (cause you never know), extra shoes (those seem to go missing a lot), burp cloth, an extra shirt for you, bottles, pacifiers, toys, blankets, nursing cover, etc, etc , etc.

And all of that is just to go to the grocery store…

There are a thousand baby items on the market today so no wonder we feel pressured to carry all of them at once.

Some items take up more space than others, so anytime I come across a product that is multi-purpose I get excited!

The Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover kills 3 (I argue, 4 – you will see in a minute) birds with one stone!

What is the Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover?

The Cooper Pearl cover is a large piece of fabric sewn at the ends and is made of a stretchy rayon blend. My first thought when I saw it was that it was a nursing cover. The more I read about this amazing product the more I realized how versatile it is.

You can ditch several bulky items that you carry around with you and replace them with the Copper Pearl!

So what are the 4 amazing ways you can use this cover? Check it out:

Nursing Cover2_0948bfb9-31f4-4e70-af2d-c8c85486400d_large

The most obvious way to use the cover to me was as a nursing cover. The rayon blend fabric makes this cover not too heavy for the summer but not too light for the winter.

It also is nice that the fabric is sewn end to end because it gives you full coverage. Most covers leave your back exposed which can feel awkward when nursing on the go and you need to lift your shirt. I have always preferred to have my back covered and the Copper Pearl provides a great solution for that.

I also like the extra stretch in the fabric which gives you good access to help your baby latch, etc. Overall, it works great as a nursing cover.

Car Seat Canopy1_0a8bd788-ab84-4c46-99e9-83c56f6ad7e9_large

There is nothing worse than trying to keep a blanket draped over the car seat to keep your little one out of the weather, the sun, or if they are asleep. One gust of the wind and you are struggling to hold the car seat and quickly pull the blanket back down.

Nowadays, we have these wonderful inventions called car seat canopies. These amazing things attach to the car seat and eliminate the need for the old school blanket method.

The Copper Pearl makes a great canopy. The stretchy fabric allows it to mold itself to any car seat brand. It keeps the sun, rain, and touchy strangers at bay. Win, win, win!

Shopping Cart Cover3_c71c1632-c52e-47a5-bfff-b6644c31c45a_large

One of the items I always found was a pain to carry around with me was a shopping cart cover. I often forgot it after taking it out of my “Mary Poppins” bag because it took up so much space.

This meant that I had to improvise at the store to keep my infant germ-free. A blanket was my typical go to for covering the cart seat but to my horror (and not surprisingly) the blanket would droop down and I would find my infant sucking on the side of the cart. Gross.

The Copper Pearl stretches to fit most carts (I suppose you can’t say “all” but really I think it might be all carts). The thing I love most is that it covers the sides completely. My babies would always from the one spot that the velcro covers missed… You don’t have that issue with this cover!

High Chair Cover

The last amazing way to use the Copper Pearl is as a high chair cover. It works just like the cart cover. I am not sure why it isn’t advertised as such because it works wonderfully. Most reviewers say they have used it as a high chair cover and love it.

The only drawback to this function is if your kids are like mine, then they eat like barbarians. So…yeah, the cover would need a nice clean after a meal. But I suppose that’s nothing a few napkins couldn’t fix.

I didn’t have a great picture of the high chair function but I will keep looking for you and post it when I find a good one!

Pros and Cons of Copper Pearl Cover:


  • If using it for the shopping cart and high chair, then it will need frequent washing.
  • Not padded for the shopping cart or high chair use.
  • Some moms prefer having the hard piece of plastic in their nursing cover that allows the top to stay open slightly so they can see their baby.


  • Price – Super affordable!
  • 4-in-1 functions!
  • Great fabric styles.
  • Soft and stretchy and great for all types of weather.
  • Folds nicely and takes up minimum space in your diaper bag.


Overall, I think the Copper Pearl is a fantastic product for its price. You would pay well over $100 to buy all four product separately! This cover works great for each one so it is a no-brainer.

They have quite a few color options to choose from. Here are a few:



The Holland


The Classic


The Granite







The City


The Harbor







The best place I have found to buy the Copper Pearl Covers is on Amazon. They have it for sale right now and you really can’t find it cheaper.

Click here to read more about the Copper Pearl Cover!

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  1. Dawn says:

    You have to love a multipurpose product especially when it comes to little ones!

    I particularly like the trolley cover use as my little one is forever putting his mouth on the bars, yuck!

    I also really like the idea of a canopy as I was told never to put a blanket as shade as actually it stops any air from circulating. I assume the cover is made breathable for this purpose?

    • Heather Grace says:

      Yes, rayon is super breathable and is perfect for warm weather. I was never comfortable with completely covering the car seat with a heavy blanket either. Poor little things cook in there!

      I love this cover! Well worth the money!

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