17 of the Best New Baby Products for 2018 You’ll Wish You Had


The ABC Kids Expo 2017 just wrapped up this last week and I was thrilled to be able to attend this year to get a peek at some of the best new baby products for 2018.

There were so many amazing products to see (two massive floors full)! 


I spent the week hanging out in Las Vegas for the Expo which took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center just off the strip. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

I met with so many brands and was shown so many products that it was quite overwhelming.

I have spent the last few days since returning home combing through my pictures and notes so I could compile this post to feature some of the best products that I saw.

Be sure to watch for my next post about the ABC Kids Expo which features products just for Breastfeeding and Pumping coming out soon! Some amazing, amazing stuff for us pumping moms that I wanted to feature in a separate post! I am working on that post now!

And stay tuned for more reviews as I get my hands on some of these products to try first hand!



Best New Baby Products for 2018 You’ll Wish You Had

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Tranquilo Soothing Mat (Featured on TV’s Shark Tank!)


This is by far one of my favorite finds at the Expo!

The Tranquilo Soothing Mat is a portable vibrating mat that mimics the womb to help with the transition from mom to the world. It has a gentle vibration and soft sounds that replicate mom’s heartbeat.

This mat can be used to lay baby directly on it to help them sleep, laid over them in a car seat or stroller and even placed under a crib mattress. 

I had a hard time transitioning my baby from a Rock’n Play to the crib so a soothing mat like the Tranquilo mat would have been a huge help! 

You can read more about the Tranquilo Soothing Mat, here!

 Babo Cush


If you have ever had a baby with colic or reflux or just a fussy baby in general, then you probably found yourself searching high and low for something, anything that could help.

The Babo Cush is a solution more and more parents of fussy babies are turning to.

This amazing invention is a foam mattress with a 5-point harness that vibrates with a heartbeat device. It has two straps that secure it to your own baby swing or bouncer.

This makes it fairly portable and allows you to use your existing baby gear.

If you are dealing with colic, excessive gas, reflux, or just a fussy baby, try the Babo Cush! It might be the solution you are looking for. I was amazed at this product and what it offers parents struggling to console their baby.

To learn more about the Babo Cush, click here!

BETO Sleep Coach


Sleep is a hot topic among new parents. Sleep coaches are expensive and when you have a baby who is struggling to sleep, your life seems turned upside down!

The BETO Sleep Coach is not available yet (due to be released in April) but this amazing device might just worth its weight in gold!

It is a panel that allows you to enter data regarding your baby’s routine throughout the day including feeding, napping, sleeping, playtime, diapers, etc. That data is then analyzed and recommendations are given via an app on your mobile device to help get your baby to sleep better.

I was able to play around with the display model and it is very easy to use and gives you a lot of data!

I can see the BETO Sleep Coach becoming a great tool in helping new parents get their baby to sleep longer.

This will be a hot item to check out in 2018!

To learn more about the BETO Sleep Coach, click here!

Petunia Pickle Bottom InterMix Collection


I absolutely adore Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

Their booth was amazing this year with some incredible new items coming out! But the InterMix line was something that has been on my wishlist for a while and seeing it first hand made me want it even more!

The InterMix system is a collection of bags and packing pods that make organizing diaper bags, purses, strollers and more extremely simple and stylish. 

The pod cady even has straps to make it a stroller console!

If you are looking for a stylish diaper bag that is not only high quality and beautiful but is also practical, Petunia Pickle Bottom is the way to go!

Click here to read more about the Petunia Pickle Bottom InterMix Backpack!

The packing pods have a lot of options, so here is the starter kit so you can see what is included – Click here!

And…I had to throw this in here! Coming soon Petunia Pickle Bottom will offer a Disney Mommy Hook! Oh my gosh! I LOVE!




I am in love with this product. SinkBoss is one of those items that you wish you had known about sooner.

It turns any sink into a sanitary washing and drying rack for baby bottles, pump parts, and more.

It is portable (folds up nicely), has a barrier for the sink, provides a drying rack, has pulled legs to stand on any surface, and hooks that allow you to hang it (like in the shower of a hotel room). 

If you are a pumping mom or are bottle feeding, this would be a great investment for washing on the go! Whether that is traveling for work, vacation, camping, etc! It even fits the tiny cruise ship sinks.

If you do any sort of traveling, this is definitely a product to add to your list!

To learn more about SinkBoss, click here!

 Finn + Emma Rattle Lovies


I am obsessed with Lovies and with Finn + Emma. 

If you haven’t heard of Finn + Emma, they are an amazing company that collaborates with a community of Peruvian women that hand-make all of their knit toys using organic cotton and sheep’s wool stuffing. This allows these women to make a proper living to support their families.

Their products are amazing!

Their Lovies are to die for! So adorable and soft! I grabbed the Kellen the Elephant for my baby girl.

They have an amazing bundle with one of their amazingly soft, organic cotton onesie, a wooden stroller toy and a Lovie for a very good price! You can see that here!

They make all kinds of toys and clothes and are a great choice for some eco-friendly baby items.

You can read more about Finn + Emma, here!

Grab Green Non-Toxic Baby Collection


If you are looking for non-toxic, naturally-derived products for your baby, you need to look into Grab Green.

They will be launching a baby-specific line in January 2018 that includes laundry detergent, dryer sheets, baby bottle dish soap, surface wipes, diaper pail odor spray, shampoo, lotions, and more!

They already carry full lines of household cleaners, soaps, and laundry care so it is exciting to see the added baby line as well.

All of their products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and effective and leave your home smelling great. I have used a few products of theirs and highly recommend it.

Stay tuned for more information as the new lines is rolled out!

To learn more about Grab Green, click here!

Breathe-Thru Sleep System (The Parent Company)

The Parent Company was showcasing their Breathe-Thru Sleep System which included the Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow and the Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress and Bassinet Mattress.


Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow:

This breathable mesh, BASF memory foam pillow was created by a mom whose son suffered from plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) that required an expensive helmet to reshape his head. This pillow was created to help keep baby’s head round while providing a breathable sleep-safe environment.

You can read more about the Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow, here.

Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress and Bassinet Mattress:

I was so impressed by this mattress! It has 360 degrees of air circulating through it. It reduces the risk of suffocation and Co2 pooling. It is dust mite free which is a cause of asthma and eczema in babies and helps with temperature regulation and prevents overheating.

This is an amazing choice for a crib mattress! Would be a great Baby shower gift too.

Click here to read more about the Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress and Bassinet Mattress!

Sobble Safety Cushion Bathtub


This marshmallow-soft bathtub is not available in the US as of yet but it is coming soon!

This amazingly soft, portable tub is made for max comfort for your baby. I cannot wait to see this product in store here in the US!

Head over to Sobble’s website and watch their amazing demo on dropping an egg into the bathtub. I saw this first-hand at the Expo and was blown away that the egg did not have a single crack on it after dropping it from several feet high! 

To Learn more about the Sobble Safety Cushion Bathtub, click here!



This cool car seat accessory was created by a dad.

The LugBug is baby carrier handle that attaches to the handle of your infant car seat to help ease tension on your wrist, forearm, and shoulder. 

Considering infant carriers are actually quite heavy, this genius invention is really very useful. I was able to test the LugBug out and it really made lifting the baby carrier a lot easier and made it feel lighter.

This is a great product for any parent of an infant! You honestly need one of these…

The learn more about the LugBug, click here!

Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon


I am blown away by this wagon!

It is so versatile and can really grow with your family. It starts out as a stroller for kids 12 months and older equipped with 5-point harnesses but once the kids outgrow it, the wagon still functions as an amazing hauling machine. 

It is quite spacious and with an aluminum frame, it is extremely durable. It has EVA tires that swivel or lock making this a wagon that will perform on all kinds of terrain. 

If you are in the market for a wagon, this is one to consider!

Click here to read more about the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon!

Little Martin’s Drawer Feeding Lamp


I loved this feeding lamp by Little Martin’s Drawer!

It is a simple design but so clever. You stretch the lamp upward to increase the amount of light it emits making this an amazing lamp to have for those middle of the night feedings.

It can be set to white or yellow light and is portable so you can move it from room to room with you or for traveling. It is rechargeable through USB and comes in two color options.

This is a great accessory to have in your nursery!

To learn more about Little Martin’s Drawer Feeding lamp, click here!

Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother Clip


I am a huge fan of white noise. My babies never sleep without it. I love not having to tell people to be quiet because of a sleeping baby.

Project Nursery is giving us another winner here – a portable sound soother! It easily attaches to stroller handles or baby carriers and has 4 natural sounds: White Noise, Heartbeat, Waves, Rain. And 2 lullabies: Brahms’ Lullaby, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

It features a sleep timer with 15, 30, or 45-minute settings or can be set to constant-on. It also has glow-in-the-dark buttons! This really is a must-have in my opinion!

To learn more about the Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother Clip, click here!

SitAlong Toddler Luggage Seat


This amazingly convenient product was actually featured on Shark Tank and was on the market and then disappeared for a while. Well, it is coming back in February 2018!

This toddler seat attaches to your suitcase and fits kids from 8 months to 50lbs!

Great alternative to a stroller if you are limited with space (and hands)!

You can learn more about the SitAlong Toddler Luggage Seat, here!

Beanko Mobile Changing Station


This portable changing station is amazing!

It can be used anywhere but I find the ability for it to attach to your car’s seat and turn into a changing table simply the best. It can be so hard to change your baby in the car, especially if you have bucket seats!

This product is available as of yet, but they are taking preorders! The next shipment should be available in November 2017!

To learn more about the Beanko Mobile Changing Station, click here!

The Shrunks Bed Tent


This indoor/outdoor kids tent is made to work with the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed.

It is a cool design and I can see it working in any travel situation from camping to hotels! I love the cloud pattern and how easy it is to set up.

If you have any road trips coming up, this would be an awesome travel accessory for your kids!

To learn more about The Shrunks Bed Tent, click here!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2018 Collection


The new Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2018 Collection is absolutely beautiful!

Not only do you get stylish diaper bags but there are some great bags just for mom.

The colors are incredible! I can’t wait to see the collection hit stores soon!

To learn more about Petunia Pickle Bottom, click here!

How to Save Money on Baby Items this Year

If you want to save big on Baby Items this year, Amazon Prime Day is a great day to do that!

Amazon Prime Day comes around once a year and you can save BIG!

I have some amazing tips to save money on Prime Day especially if you have a Baby Registry.

You can read more about saving money on Prime Day and find out when this year’s Prime Day is being held- HERE!

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