10 Tips For Breastfeeding In The Car

10 Tips for Breastfeeding in the Car

Guest Post by Issac Atia

If there’s one thing parents worry about the most, it’s traveling with their children. Most toddlers will get cranky on the road, and it’s important to be prepared.

Just imagine it: a tight space, nothing to eat, crying babies, and too many miles till the next rest stop.

The mere thought is unsettling. Often, traveling with little ones isn’t a choice – come to that, it rarely is. It is something the whole family needs to survive.

This is why we’ve decided to write this article – it’s full of great tips how to breastfeed in the car and survive that unavoidable road trip.  

10 Tips For Breastfeeding In The Car

1. Wear A Nursing Bra Or Tank

It isn’t a good idea to wear a dress in the car when you add a baby that needs to be nursed into the mix. We suggest investing in clothes that are specifically designed for nursing. They aren’t necessarily expensive and lots of women get them.

A good nursing bra or tank top is the basis of any nursing wardrobe. While a normal bra can be pulled aside or up, you’ll find your bras will lose support faster.

Special nursing tanks and bras have special clips, hooks or snaps that help a section of fabric fold down without compromising the support structures.

Also, do wear a tank under your clothes – if you need to open, lift, pull down, or unbutton your dress or shirt, having a tank top underneath will give you a better sense of coverage. Choose a tank top with a lower neckline or wider arm openings so that you can push the tank aside or sideways to accommodate your needs.  

2. Button-Down or V-Neck Shirts and Wrap Dresses

Dressing for breastfeeding is all about easy access, so always opt for button-down shirts. They are a simple way to open your shirt quickly when needed. If you absolutely must wear a dress, make it a wrap dress – you’ll find it easy to breastfeed and look great with one layer of fabric draped in a crisscross over the other.

Also, V-neck or scoop-neck T-shirts are comfy and casual, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt. You can easily pull the neck down to bring your breast to the baby if you pick a shirt with a larger neck. Pick a shirt that’s blended with lycra or polyester if you’re worried about stretching the neck out too much – these offer more bounce.

3. Pump Ahead of Time

Have a few bottles pumped ahead of time to save you a little bit of time if you’re planning on bringing your breast pump on the trip.

4. Plan To Stop

Traveling with small children requires a lot of flexibility in general. This is even more so when you’re breastfeeding. Most children hate being in their car seat for extended periods of time, so make sure you let them stretch and take enough breaks to feed them.

5. Pack A Cooler

Breast milk cannot sit at room temperature for more than six hours. To be safe, pack a cooler with ice so the milk doesn’t go bad during the drive.

6. Choose Safe Places

Choose safe nursing spots. If you’re breastfeeding in your car, choose a store parking lot or another place where there are lots of people. Avoid isolated areas or areas where you don’t feel comfortable bringing your child.

7. Drink Lots of Water

It’s crucial to stay hydrated when you’re nursing. Reducing water intake during a road trip to avoid excess stops isn’t a good idea because it will lessen your supply and dehydrate you really fast.

8. Make A Plan – And Stick To It

Skipping a meal to gain some extra miles can lead to a serious dent in your supply. Always stick to your normal feeding schedule to ensure your supply doesn’t take any hits.

9. Remember You Can Breastfeed Anywhere

The law is very clear on this – you’re allowed to breastfeed WHEREVER YOU WANT.

10. Relax

This one is crucial, because flexibility is probably your most valuable asset on the road. Be flexible, take your time, relax, and listen to your baby’s cues. Accept that you’ll need to stop very often. It’s inevitable.

Our Final Take

You know how complicated it can be if you’re breastfeeding, but the stress will drop with these amazing tips for breastfeeding in the car. While we can’t guarantee a completely smooth road trip with no restlessness or temper tantrums – the opposite is usually true – you can see that a little bit of preparation goes a long way.

Yes, it will take some mental adjusting, but there’s no reason to dread the next trip or put it off if you want to go and you don’t want to wait until you’re done nursing the baby.

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  1. samr says:

    Yeah that’s what I thought as well… but it’s great to have confirmation from someone with hands-on experience with the specific problem 🙂 And 20 mins isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things.

    Thanks again!

    • Heather Grace says:

      Yes, I agree, 20 minutes isn’t very long. The alternative is a very uncomfortable and fussy baby for the trip so I would also rather spend the 20 minutes haha. Dealing with severe reflux is tough! I remember with mine that I could not go anywhere fast, ever. It would take forever to feed them, burp, hold upright, etc before I could put them in the car seat BUT the good news is that they do grow out of it! There is hope!

  2. samr says:

    Great tips!

    For babies with reflux, it’s usually a good idea to hold them upright for a while after a feed. But if you’re in a car, would the incline of a car seat be sufficiently upright?

    • Heather Grace says:

      Hi! I am glad you found these tips helpful. I’ve had three babies all with varying degrees of reflux so I am actually very practiced with this topic haha. The incline of a car seat would not be enough to keep a baby from refluxing, unfortunately. It would be quite miserable for them. It’s inconvenient but you really need to hold your baby upright for at least 20 minutes to help their stomach settle before putting them back in the car. This can be tough if you plan to feed a bottle while in the car. The good news is, that this applies to young babies. Most will grow out of their reflux completely by the 6-month mark. So I wouldn’t recommend feeding a young infant a bottle in the car seat if they suffer from severe reflux. You are better off stopping and feeding baby, burping good, and holding them up right before continuing. Hope this helps!

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